How to close your Minecraft game session from Windows 10

It could be said without any kind of concern that Minecraft has become one of the best creation games. When playing Minecraft, you have at your disposal hundreds of possibilities for creating objects and you also have the facility to gain experience, bonuses and some other things whenever you play.

Although it is true that Minecraft is a good game, keep in mind that we may not want to play Minecraft every day. Whenever you are going to leave Minecraft for a considerably long period of time, it is necessary and essential that you log out of the game to avoid data loss.

Here we will show you different ways to log out of Minecraft and we will also explain how to check that the session has been closed successfully.

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  1. What procedure should you follow to log out of Minecraft?
    1. Open the ‘run’ command
    2. Enter the full and correct Minecraft name
    3. Change the numeric values ​​of the file ‘options’
  2. How to check that your session is completely closed in Minecraft?

What procedure should you follow to log out of Minecraft?

To log out of an Instagram , Facebook or Twitter account, various methods can be used. The same happens with Minecraft, there are different ways to log out of Minecraft, some of these ways are easier than others but at tea time the game closes as usual.


The most efficient way to log out of Minecraft is by changing certain numeric values ​​in the options. This turns out to be the safest way to close the game and not lose data. Now, shortly we will show you how to close the game by changing values.

Open the ‘run’ command

As Minecraft does not have a logout section, you have to resort to other methods such as the use of Windows 10 system commands. To open the command window in Windows 10, you have to press the start key, better known as the Windows key. , and then press the “ R ” key on the keyboard once.

By combining all these keys, a small window called ” Run ” should appear on your PC monitor . If this has not come out, it must be because you made a mistake in the combination of the keys or maybe your keyboard is in bad condition.

Regardless of the case, you can open the ” Run ” window in another way. Another way to open this window is by going to the Windows 10 start menu and placing the word ” Run ” in its search engine . In the result you should see the program icon, when you see it press it to open it.

Enter the full and correct Minecraft name


When you open the ” Run ” window , you will have to put the full name of the game in it, you need to make sure that the name does not have errors ( Minecraft ). When you finish typing the name of the game, press Enter and Windows will run the command designated for the word ” Minecraft .”

Change the numeric values ​​of the file ‘options’

Pressing the ” Enter ” key should appear a new window completely full of options. Although it is difficult to find the ” Options ” section because of all the content, focus on looking for that section. When you find that section you will look for a file with the name ” game_haseverloggedintoxbl “.

Now, click on this type of file and as a value you will put the number ” 0 “, by default this brings the value ” 1 ” so you will have to modify it manually. In the option that is under the file ” game_haseverloggedintoxbl “, you are going to put the value ” 1 “, save the changes and close the window.

With all this process, you can log out of ” Minecraft” without any problems. It should be noted that this way you can also download ” Minecraft ” on Xbox Live and play without any problem. In case you still do not have the latest version of Minecraft downloaded on your console, mobile PC , download it to enjoy new functions!

How to check that your session is completely closed in Minecraft?


To check that your “ Minecraft ” session has been closed, you just have to open the game again and see if your account is active in the multiplayer section. As you might expect, the account should be completely closed having used the above-mentioned method.

If when you enter the game again, the session is not closed, it is because you made a mistake in some part of the process or because your Windows 10 computer has a problem. However, repeat the aforementioned process again and check to see if the session was closed. If it still does not close, you will have to look for information on the official Microsoft page about faults that the ” Execute ” program could present .

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