How to close apps on iPhone 12

Learn the best tricks to close apps on your iPhone 12 in the most comfortable way

Next we will show you how to close applications on iPhone 12 , the new Apple terminal that maintains the new design without the Home button , with the consequent change in the way we interact with the mobile. And it is that in iPhone models prior to the iPhone X , everything was done through the physical Home button; With the absence of this button in the new iPhone, now we must follow different patterns to carry out actions such as turning the terminal on or off , restarting it and, as in this case, closing open applications. Therefore, and thanks to our tutorial, you will learn to close applications on iPhone 12 in a simple and direct way.

How to close apps on iPhone 12

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  • How to close apps on iPhone 12
  • Why is it not necessary to close apps on iPhone 12?

How to close apps on iPhone 12

With the absence of the physical Home button in new iPhone models like the iPhone 12, the way to close apps changes completely, now, only through touch gestures on the screen. Follow the steps below to close apps on iPhone 12:

  1. On the start screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the center of the screen.
  2. Swipe left or right to find the app you want to close among the open apps.
  3. Close the app by sliding its preview up.

It’s that simple to close open applications in the background on iPhone 12, as easy as open the open apps menu, find the app you want to close and slide it to the top of the screen. Of course, if you want to close more than one app, you will have to do it one by one , since Apple no longer allows you to close all the applications in the background at once. But why has Apple made this decision?

Why is it not necessary to close apps on iPhone 12?

In the latest iPhone models like the iPhone 12, it is not necessary to close the applications in the background if you want to save battery or RAM . Unlike previous models, the new iPhones have much more powerful hardware that, together with the latest versions of iOS, offer superior performance. For this reason, apps in the background are ” frozen ” without consuming resources of any kind because they remain in the background.

But it is also that, by constantly closing and opening apps , more battery and RAM memory are used than by leaving them open in the background; On the other hand, when you open an application again, the system takes a few moments longer than if it were in the background. That’s because the system will spend more resources to open each app again. Therefore, by closing and opening applications in the background on a regular basis, you will consume more memory and battery than if you keep them in the background.

That is why we recommend leaving apps open in the background on iPhone 12; You will only have to close applications in the background when they stop responding , have a malfunction or you are sure that you will not use it again for a long time .

Thanks to our tutorial, you already know how to close applications in the background on iPhone 12 , in addition to our recommendations when closing or not apps to save battery and memory on your Apple mobile.


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