How to clean the power supply of my PC in a simple way?

You wonder how to clean the power supply of my PC in a simple way? So we recommend that you carefully read the following article in which we will teach you how to do it.

Why is it necessary to clean the power supply

Have you ever wondered what a PC power supply is ? The power source is responsible for providing all the energy that our computer will require to function, which is why it is an essential component for the proper functioning of the computer equipment. Given this, it should be noted that, for its proper operation, it is also necessary to carry out maintenance from time to time.

As the months and even years go by, particles accumulate inside the power supply (dust) that can become very harmful , since it will make it difficult for the fan to rotate and in the same way it can accumulate in the parts causing them to generate too much heat.

It is well known that excess heat within a power source is a cause for its deterioration, being one of the main reasons, along with overloading that end up damaging the component. Given this, cleaning the font can sometimes be a crucial step in fixing a computer when it won’t turn on or off .

If you are wondering how to clean the font on your computer , we recommend reading the following guide in which we will teach you how to perform this procedure in the easiest way possible.

How to clean the power supply of my PC in a simple way?

Before starting the process, it is necessary to take into account the following: power sources are very delicate and even dangerous parts and it is not known to deal with them, since they store or transmit large amounts of electrical energy.

For this reason, before cleaning the power source, it is best to turn off the computer, remove the power cord from the source, and wait at least half an hour. After this period you can remove the cables from the power source that are connected to the motherboard and other peripherals of your computer.

Once you have properly disconnected all cables from the power source, you can proceed to remove it from the cabinet. This process will vary depending on the brand of fountain and cabinet. Either way, the vast majority of fonts are bolted to the cabinet with three or four screws.

Carefully remove the fountain from the cabinet, after which you are ready to begin the cleaning process. To properly clean the fountain, we recommend the use of a brush and blower / hair dryer . In any case, if you use a hair dryer, it is important that you do not apply heat, only use the blowing function.

Clean your PC’s power supply

    1. Once you have the fountain in your hands, you must remove the screws one by one in order to uncover it. While the power supplies vary from one another, most of them have these screws on the top or bottom.
    2. Once you have properly removed the screws, you can proceed to remove the cover. It is possible that at the bottom there are tabs holding both pieces together by pressure, you just have to gently remove the lid and the pieces will give way.
    3. When you have removed the cover, you can proceed to clean all the internal components of the fountain, you must do it very carefully, if you apply too much force you may damage some of the parts.
    4. At the same time, if you consider it convenient, you can remove the fan from the source, with the purpose of cleaning it. To do this, remove the screws that hold them to the central piece of the fountain.
    5. Once you have unscrewed the fan from the fountain, you can proceed with the cleaning process. Be careful not to exert too much force on the cable connecting the fan to the source, as doing so too roughly could disconnect it from the source.
    6. Given the above, we recommend that you clean the fan carefully . Before installing the component on the PC, you can turn on the power supply without the motherboard and this way you will check if it works normally.
    7. Once you clean the inside of the power supply and verify its operation, proceed to close it and install it back into your computer.


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