How Does a PC Power Supply Work?

This tool fulfills the function of supplying electricity to the computer , which is known as the transformer, since it is in charge of converting energy into direct current. For this reason you should know how a PC power supply works .

Next, we explain what it is, how it works and what kind of power supplies or power supplies exist for your PC .


  1. Learn how PC power supply works
  2. Power sources can be classified into two groups
    1. HV power supply
    2. ATX PC Power Supply

Learn how PC power supply works

It is noteworthy that power supplies are classified by watts due to the power it supplies to the computer. Without forgetting that each part of the computer needs energy in moderate amounts. For this reason, it is very important that you have the right PSU to supply the right amount of power directly to your computer.

Currently, the rail charge is at 12V, thus leaving the other rails almost obsolete . Noting that power supplies will always be defined in watts, at the same time, it is important to note that turning the computer on and off is done through a button, although it can also be turned off through the menu.

The power supplies that currently exist are light and small, since they transform the current of 60 Hz to higher frequencies , thus allowing the reduction of the voltage to the most suitable for the PC.

Power sources can be classified into two groups

The types of the source are used to control the energy and voltage that the equipment needs to be able to work . They are classified as: AT and ATX.

HV power supply

This device is capable of transforming alternating current into direct current which is necessary for the electrical elements of the equipment .

This type of source has several characteristics, it has a mechanical switch which is used to turn the equipment on and off , it saves electricity, you can cut the power, it can be incorporated into old and modern equipment.

Some of the parts of an AT power source are: mechanical switch, supply connector, fan, AT connector, voltage selector and the supply connector to other elements .

ATX PC Power Supply

The ATX power source is called a digital or push button source , it serves the same purpose as the AT. It is in charge of transforming alternating current into direct, thus controlling the energy that the computer needs so that it can function.

Some of the most outstanding features are: the ignition is digital, the power off is controlled by software , it can be installed in old and modern microprocessors, it controls the electric power.

The ATX power supply has several parts which are: power connector, fan, ATX connector, voltage selector, SATA connector, BERB and MOLEX 4-pin connector .

You should consider evaluating all the indications of your computer and properly select the best power supply that your PC requires .

As you can see, after this tutorial you already know how a PC power supply works


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