How to clean the car trunk

Do you remember to keep the trunk of your car in which you put everything in order and clean ? Shopping, suitcases, toys, direct garbage to landfills, animals; there are so many circumstances that lead this compartment to get dirty.

And the upholstery ? Here’s how to clean it .

Clean car trunk upholstery

For effective maintenance of your car, always remember to keep the upholstery of the car trunk clean as well : no matter how much you try to keep it clean by vacuuming it, this part could remain dirty and be irreparably damaged.

Here is what you need to clean your car’s trunk upholstery:

  • garbage bag
  • brush attracts hair
  • handheld or vacuum cleaner, preferably with a flexible hose
  • mild cleanser
  • water
  • tea towel

It will take some time and work, but you will appreciate the result!

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How to clean the trunk upholstery

A few precautions are enough to take care of the car upholstery in the best possible way : first of all, completely empty the trunk, take a screwdriver and unscrew the screws that anchor it to the bodywork.

Vacuum everything well, then carefully brush the fabric with soap and water, leaving it to act for an hour; at this point rinse carefully with warm clean water, and finally let it dry.

A tip, wait for the warm season to speed up drying, or use a specific product for fabric and upholstery (such as dry cleaning).

Keep the trunk upholstery clean

Don’t neglect the order and cleanliness of your trunk!

Once the car upholstery is dry, any bad smells should disappear, but if you prefer you can still spray some special perfume in order to make the air pleasant for longer.

Once the whole trunk is perfectly clean, you will have to try to avoid getting it dirty again in a short time: to better preserve your work, you can use simple sheets of newspaper or thick blankets or even folded sheets.

If you often transport animals, you should purchase a tailor-made trunk cover, perfect for preserving the upholstery.

In addition, use baskets or boxes to hold objects that could dirty or stain: you will save space in the trunk, order and cleanliness.


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