How to Create a Video with a Countdown Timer Easily

Learn how to create a countdown timer video. Find out how to do it easily. In case you carry out these transmissions, a video timer will help you give a more professional touch to your live transmissions of everything you want to do.

Today, entertainment has taken over the internet. With the famous live broadcasts. These broadcasts are raising more and more money every day. And is that thanks to them, millions of people can make these transmissions their source of income.

What is a video timer?

A video timer is a countdown that announces the beginning or the end of some event. This tool is very useful for many specific cases in which we need to create expectations.

Creating a video timer will be very useful for various activities. For example: before starting a live broadcast, having a video with a countdown timer will create excitement for users. In addition to offering professional quality to the material.

For an important business meeting or presentation, having a countdown also makes things easier. So as we see, countdown video timers are a very useful tool. But how can you create it? You will see step by step the easiest way to do it.

Steps to create a countdown video timer

There are different methods of making a countdown video timer. Just as the methods are diverse, various programs can also be used for this purpose.

That is why in this article we select the easiest method, so that you can make your personalized video timer with countdown using the Filmora software; With this software you can also edit your video by adding text.

This application allows you to create a video without a watermark with countdown, using images or scenes from any video without copyright. So with that said let’s go to the steps. The first thing to do is download a ready-made video of a countdown timer. The time will be up to your choice if it is 5, 10, 20, 30 or more minutes.

Running Filmora

  • Once you have the downloaded video, run the filmora program.
  • Then in the top bar we select the “file” option.
  • Press the option to import multimedia and select the video that we want to put the stopwatch on.
  • We select the video and click on the plus symbol (+) located in the center of the video.
  • This will automatically place the video in the bar below, which is where it allows us to edit the videos.
  • Next, we repeat the steps to now import the video that we downloaded from the countdown timer.

From this moment on, we can edit the video by synchronizing the audio with the video main to place the timer where we see fit. To do this, we must click on the video edit box and a red line will be marked. This line will allow us to place the countdown timer from some exact point in the main video.

In the preview window, we can see how the timer video completely covers the main video. To solve that we must do the following:

  • In the same preview window we will click on the video with the countdown. Doing so will automatically place a few adjustment buttons in the corners to reduce the size.
  • If we have finished assigning the proportions we want, we can only click the button play to see how it looks. too easy!

Now we can create videos in our style . Take advantage of this program to create your video timer, although it has a paid version, you can also use the free version. We want to know your opinion about this article. Leave us your comment in the comment box and share this information with your friends and family.


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