How to clean the car dashboard

The choice of keeping your car clean is always valid for obtaining a good appearance, a clean feeling and optimal conservation of materials. This also maintains the value of the vehicle, which is why we focus on cleaning the car dashboard and plastic parts .

Here’s how to do it.

What you need to clean the car dashboard

The dashboard of the car gets dirty easily and is also particularly delicate: this is why it is important to clean it with care and ad hoc products.

Here is everything you need to clean the dashboard :

  • 3 clean, soft and perhaps microfiber cloths
  • vacuum cleaner with spout
  • water and neutral detergent (or a specific product for cleaning plastics)
  • a soft-bristled duvet, a small brush, cotton buds and a soft toothbrush
  • product to polish the dashboard (also available with matte finish), antistatic, water repellent and with anti-UVA / UVB barrier

Now that you have everything you need at your fingertips, you can go by car and start with the cleaning procedure: we guarantee you will get great satisfaction looking at your dashboard in order!

How to clean the car dashboard

Now is the time to start: first of all, you have to empty the dashboard of what is superfluous (coins, keys, remote controls, etc.) and throw away what you don’t need.

Now vacuum all the residues on the central dashboard and on the area near the ventilation outlets and then carefully remove the dust with a clean and slightly damp microfibre cloth, or with a soft-bristled duvet.

Use the brush for a truly perfect result!

The trick is to use the brush to access the cracks and hard-to-reach points: help yourself with your hands, with a cotton swab or a soft-bristled toothbrush .

Now is the time to remove any stains: to do this, create a solution with warm water and neutral soap , or use the specific product, pour it on another soft clean cloth and wipe it gently on the dirty and dull parts.

Now, with the dry cloth, finish and dry the surface to avoid the formation of halos and choose whether to spray the polishing and dustproof product.

Other tips

If the do-it-yourself does not convince you you can go to the car wash , but we advise you to do it yourself because it is a precision work that is often a little underestimated by the employees, due to hurry.

Pay the utmost attention to the choice of the product you use on plastics, but not only: it is essential to learn how to dose the quantity necessary to avoid greasy or stained dashboards.

In these cases, do not leave everything like this but start again from the cleaning step with the delicate detergent, and then conclude as we have explained to you.


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