How to check the statistics of my Gmail account

Gmail is positioned as one of the most used email platforms today. Its use has increased with the digital age where information is shared in a massive way and it is necessary to use some statistical tools to evaluate its consumption.

A balance of your Gmail account can give you an idea of ​​how you are using it. As well as determining the time you invest in reviewing your emails and responding to them .

How to know the statistics of the Gmail mail

There are applications that allow you to generate a report from your Gmail account. They are free and you don’t have to do an installation on your computer.

Email Analytics

A simple application that allows us to know the data associated with our Gmail account. You just have to enter the data of your Gmail account to do an analysis of the information .

It is a paid application, but you can test its operation for free for 14 days . If you want to purchase the PRO version, it costs $ 15 per month.

  • Enter the Email Analytics page
  • Press the button to start the trial period
  • Choose the Gmail email you want to analyze
  • The website needs your authorization to access your account previously
  • Accept the terms and start your account for the first time. Initially, you will have to wait between 1 to 10 minutes for the data to load.

When the initial analysis time is up, the Dashboard is updated . The first thing you should do is go to the configuration area to set the working hours and days. In this way the analysis is more precise.

The application can see the account data up to the last three years, but in the trial period you will only have access to the last seven days of use . The support group is present at all times to answer any questions.

To obtain a more detailed analysis of your account, apply filters . Set the criteria to exclude emails that don’t interest you.

Add a new filter from the menu and select the Filters option. Click the Add button to add it. Choose between Domain, email and label.

You can include members to your Email Analytics account. Send an invitation to someone to be part of your team and have access to the data. Now that you have everything you need to get started get a report of:

  • Emails received
  • Emails sent
  • Number of active conversations
  • Spam emails
  • Average words per email
  • Data graphics

Gmail Meter

A web application that works as an email data manager . It offers a complete analysis of emails sent, emails received, conversations, response time, among other data.

You can access the application for free , but with a certain limitation for some actions. The paid version costs $ 15 per month.

  • Enter the Gmail Meter page
  • Enter your Gmail account information
  • Authorize Google Meter to have access to the data
  • Wait for the data to load to the page and get a first analysis. It may take a while if you have a lot of information to process

The free version allows you to generate a monthly or weekly report . Now if you want to make reports with personalized time periods, you have to pay for the paid version that allows access to data up to two years ago.

With the Premium subscription you will be able to create a work team, apply advanced filters and modify the work hours to exclude certain emails. The best thing about the Premium version is the ability to export the report in CSV format.

Using G Suite

For the management of several accounts organized in a business environment, G Suite is presented as a good option. It is a Google payment service that allows you to create business emails and obtain a report of the user accounts associated with the company.

Generates a report to analyze received and sent email data . In addition to knowing the total storage used in the Gmail accounts.


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