How to clean car tires

The tires , like every part of the vehicle, require some maintenance: fortunately these are simple operations that do not require particular manual skills. In this case, in fact, all you need is a critical eye and elbow grease, as well as some easily available tools.

Here’s how to clean car tires .

Tire maintenance

To drive your car safely, much of the credit goes to the tires: for this reason it is good that they are always efficient and clean, especially when it comes to winter tires.

In fact, this type of tires are more difficult to clean and easy to get dirty due to their specific conformation.

Do not forget to also clean the external part, that is the shoulder, which is also very important for sealing. Now let’s get to the point and find out together how to properly clean tires to make them beautiful and above all functional, while preserving their durability and efficiency.

How to clean a tire

Here is what you need to start your tire cleaning:

  • water, better if you have a pressure washer
  • protective gloves and goggles
  • toothbrush or synthetic bristle brush
  • Marseille soap
  • small screwdriver
  • black spray tires

If you are cleaning a winter tire you will find pebbles, foliage residues or debris inside the numerous lamellae created to expand at low temperatures, thus creating maximum grip.

When they are dirty this function fails: so you will need a small screwdriver to gently push the pebbles out of the carvings.

A tip: finish cleaning with water or a pressure washer to remove residual dirt. In the case of grease, use a mixture of hot soapy water before rinsing.

How to clean the outer shoulder of the gum

We remind you that if a tire tears externally it is no longer repairable , so check often and pay attention to the shoulder of the tire (also read when to change car tires ).

It is essential to eliminate any mud because it could hide debris that ruin the surface: just the accidental touch on the sidewalk and the damage is done.

Also in this case the best thing to do is to use a pressure washer: if you don’t have it, better avoid rubbing and first apply a mixture of hot water and Marseille soap.

Dry the rubber and the rim to avoid the risk of rusting the rim or other metal components: once dry, spray the polishing spray, which is also protective and makes the car elegant.

One last trick: do you only have car wax? Pass (a little) of that on the tires and they will return to their original shine.


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