How to choose groomsmen

Do you have questions about choosing the best groomsmen? Tradition says that they should be the same as the baptism of the bride and groom. But, as this is a custom that has fallen into disuse, the most common today is for the couple to make this choice of their own free will.

However, it is necessary to understand that this is a life commitment and, therefore, this decision should not be based on simple factors. The classic vows of “in joy and sadness, in health and in sickness, in wealth and poverty” also extend to the chosen ones and, therefore, the recommendation is that there is a strong connection between the bride and groom to whom they are inviting.

With my experience in the wedding market, I separated some key factors for that moment! Keep reading this article to make the right choice!


By Luciano Martins
Partner-Owner of Casa Petra


How to choose groomsmen?

When thinking about how to choose groomsmen, some grooms will soon call their parents’ friends. Others think of calling people with better financial condition – just out of interest in the value of the gifts they are going to win.

However, it is important to understand that the bonds created from this invitation are eternal. This, in fact, is a point that should not be overlooked!

Furthermore, it is not enough to be a very close person. It is no use choosing the best childhood friend of the groom, if he was never very present in the relationship. The ideal is to invite someone who knows the love you feel for your partner (a) and who supports the union and happiness of both.


And how to make this invitation?

The invitation has to come, somehow, with a special touch of affection and emotion. Many people today understand almost as an obligation the execution of beautiful boxes, all lined, with a thousand paraphernalia, bottles of drinks and so on. Well, I am not against this way of inviting gifts. But I am very much in favor of having this order come with a personal brand, regardless of what you are going to do or the gift box you are going to give.

In my case, for example, I do not give up something that has been forgotten by many people for many years: a simple and sincere letter written in my own hand.


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Personalized Invitations

In fact, why not write in that letter what led the bride and groom to invite this couple, or that person? Write in brief lines a little about your life, what brought you together and what is the main reason for this invitation. Be sure to put a personalized message that makes sense to each of these important people.

I know that inviting groomsmen varies according to the profile of each couple, but I see that when the bride and groom give a more emotional context, the reception is always very different. Therefore, my opinion is that this letter is delivered, if it is not attached to the invitation, at least two days before the event.


Animating groomsmen before the party

In general, ties are sent in advance to the groomsmen. Thus, they will be standardized on the day of the event, which makes it even easier for the consultants, who can locate them quickly.

But, we can also do something even more personalized! To pamper them a little and make them even more excited for the big day, try sending the tie with a bouquet of flowers or a chocolate.

In addition to the personalized letter, make a card – in this case, it can be the same text for everyone – asking for energy for an incredible party! What about? Think that offering a different experience will directly influence the expectation they will have for your wedding.

In short, more than great gifts that society imposes, always go for emotion. Since choosing groomsmen is very affective, show the real reason for your choices. Highlight that you value each one of those people who will be by your side at the time of the dreamed yes.


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