Rehearsal dinner: the American rehearsal dinner

In literal translation into Portuguese, rehearsal dinner means rehearsal dinner . Known here as a pre-wedding dinner, the occasion is very common in the United States and is gradually gaining space in Brazil. It is a meeting that usually happens the day before the union and receives the main guests. Among them: closest relatives and groomsmen.

In most of the weddings held outside the city of origin of the couple, this rehearsal dinner serves to bring together the main guests. This is because, many times, the godparents do not know each other or the families themselves have never met. Thus, bringing people to that day before the wedding party is essential for a good attunement on the day of the ceremony.

After all, the rehearsal dinner can be understood as a “heater” for the official party. And it is the chance for the couple to relax and spend some informal time with their loved ones.


The rehearsal dinner is like a “party before the party”

This dinner makes all the difference on the wedding day, because more connected people will bring more animation to the ceremony. Imagine families from different states, with different cultures, interacting at your party?

So don’t give up on the rehearsal dinner . The bride and groom usually think that it is just an extra schedule to plan, but it is an opportunity to experience more intimately the unique energy that these people have, which comes from a single root that is the bride and groom.

In order not to be a source of stress for the couple or even generate extra work, avoid having the reception at home: the ideal is that the rehearsal dinner takes place in the same place as the party. It is possible to check with the event house for availability of the previous night’s rental for a short period of time and make the most of the space to schedule dinner. The idea can also be a way for guests to already know the way to the wedding venue and avoid delays.


The rehearsal dinner has time to end!

Dinner needs to have time to end, turn off the sound and the party is over. We recommend that the invitation already specify a maximum limit of 4h in duration – start at 7pm and end at 11pm, for example. Thus, it does not affect the wedding schedule. Fed up and excited after the rehearsal dinner , people return to their homes or hotels, rest and can enjoy the next day with much more joy and excitement.


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