How to choose cryptoexchange for trade COS to BNB?

Original content creators face two challenges: copyright infringement and limitation of creative freedom. Eliminating them in traditional centralized systems is almost impossible. A space where the contribution of each participant to its development will be fairly rewarded is not a fantasy. With blockchain technology, this has become a reality.

What is Contentos (COS)

Contentos is a blockchain protocol that underlies the global decentralized content ecosystem. The goal of the project is to create a global decentralized community where digital content will be freely created, distributed and sold under copyright protection, and each participant will receive a fair reward for participating in the life of the community.

The Contentos reward system will serve as an incentive to create new content. The protocol provides content creators with the ability to earn revenue independently of centralized platforms. Production, storage and distribution of content will be carried out directly for advertisers and consumers. Thus, the cost of content can be accurately measured, and pricing becomes open and transparent.

The Contentos ecosystem includes systems for copyright registration, certification, content distribution and social functions: comments, likes and publications. All actions with content are rewarded with СOS tokens, the cryptocurrency of the Contentos platform. Tokenization provided by blockchain technology provides a real opportunity to create a democratic and fairer content environment.

How to choose an exchange for trading СOS

Regardless of which digital asset you are interested in, the key criteria for choosing a trading platform are the same. First of all, the site must be available in your country. Otherwise, you

will have difficulties even at the stage of registering an account.

It is important who stands at the origins of the exchange. A team about which there is no information is a reason to be wary. The reputation of the site itself is closely related to this criterion.

When choosing a crypto exchange for COS trading, first of all, you need to look for a platform that supports the maximum number of trading pairs with the asset you are interested in. Pay attention to liquidity indicators – this is very important for fast order execution. Make sure you are satisfied with the minimum deposit amount and exchange commissions

Since the Contentos platform is funded by Binance Labs, it makes sense that Binance is on the list of the best places to trade COS to BNB.

Several trading pairs with СOS are supported by Coinbase.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, there is a more convenient alternative – LetsExchange. COS to BNB exchange and 350+ more coins and tokens are available without registration. You can exchange any desired amount of coins without commissions and restrictions on the number of transactions.

Don’t waste time looking for the best: cryptocurrency exchange online – Letsexchange is always available from anywhere in the world.

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