How to Chat with Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts Easily?

When it comes to good emails, Thunderbird is usually not mentioned, which is a very serious mistake, because it has great functions and interface. So much so, that you can even chat with him by instant messaging, so with that in mind today you will learn how to chat with Mozilla Thunderbird contacts .

If you are thinking that this chat is done with an application of the mail, well, you are wrong, in reality the answer is much better, because this great assistant lets you use your Facebook, IRC, or Twitter account, to be able to send messages to whoever you want and quickly.

Chat settings

Before you can get to the part where you are taught to chat with Mozilla Thunderbird contacts, you have to learn how to configure this feature, because if you don’t you won’t be able to understand anything.

First you have to have the latest version of this email assistant (you can download it for free from its page ), since it was from the 15th that instant messaging began to be used. If that is your case then now you must create a new account or configure an existing one from a messaging provider.

Those supported by this chat are: IRC, XMPP, Twitter, Facebook and Google Talk. Choose any of them and proceed to go to the menu called “File”, when you touch it a drop-down will appear with options, from which you must choose ” New ” and then “Chat account “.


This action will cause a text window to appear, where you must enter the username depending on the program you choose. For example: if you want to use IRC, you have to put the name of your server, in the case of XMPP you should also do the same.

For Facebook, Twiter or Google Talk, you have to put your full username. Once you have put any of these in the indicated field, you must put the password for the service and click on ” Continue “, then to save the changes and start your chat, click on the button called ” Finish “.

With that everything will be ready, there are no more steps you have to follow for the configuration. Keep in mind that you can configure as many accounts as you want (you can even import pass or import my Gmail contacts to have more people to talk to). And in addition to the accounts, you can also use functions, such as activating the spell checker in Mozilla , to avoid mistakes.

Chat with Mozilla Thunderbird Contacts

Now that you know the above, it’s time for you to learn how to chat with Mozilla Thunderbird contacts. First comply with all the previous steps, if everything went well then now check that you are online.

For that you can go to the menu at the top and select the tab called “Tools”, then choose the option “Chat status” and finally click “Show accounts”.

In this section you will see all your accounts in a list, you will notice that next to each one there will be a button called “Connect”, press the one that corresponds to the account you will use and voila you will be connected.


If you want to start the chat, click on the ” Chat ” tab , and then ” Write “, that will start a conversation with any contact you have added (there are literally no restrictions, unless that user has blocked you for some reason).

So, with everything you read, you can say that you already know how to chat with Mozilla Thunderbird contacts , the only thing left is for you to go to your mail assistant and start the configuration.

Remember that you have to follow the steps to the letter, because if not, the options that should not appear. This process is actually extremely simple and will not take more than 5 minutes, the best thing is that after you do it once, there will be no problem repeating it.

Keep in mind that by joining this email to the aforementioned networks, there will be greater exposure with the public, so you should learn how to change my account password? , so that nobody can hack into your important data.


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