How to choose car insurance

What are the points to examine and evaluate when choosing car insurance ? Here’s how to recognize the one that best suits you and your needs.

RCA: how to choose the best one (for you)

The RCA car insurance is mandatory: starting from this fact, now established, you will know that there are many policies and companies (in Italy there are more than 20). How to choose the best one for you?

First of all, evaluate the contractual terms to be taken into consideration: to do this you will have to have some estimates drawn up (not too many) and carefully analyze them.

There is no cheapest insurance company ever, but for sure there is at least one perfect insurance for you and your needs.

“Personalized” third party liability policies

Since 1994, each insurance company has been able to autonomously manage its rates thanks to the liberalization of the markets: this possibility guarantees the existence of different policies , and for this reason the agencies can make various personalized economic proposals.

Despite this, the prices are still regulated by the annual cost imposed by the RCA, based on the following objective data:

  • type of vehicle
  • personal characteristics of the applicant(age, sex, profession, etc.)
  • number of accumulated claims
  • coverage extensions(such as that towards the driver)

In general, before signing the insurance contract you must check that all the clauses are favorable to the signatory, in the event of a claim: once the policy has been stipulated you will not be able to make changes and you will have to wait for the end of the contract to change it.

How to save on insurance

Remember that the customization of the rates can allow you to save, but leaves the burden of informing you about the contents of the contract (be they advantages, risks, etc.).

To save on the policy, you can choose to insure the vehicle for a single driver, or exclude that the car can be used by people under the age set out in the drivers clause.

But be careful, in cases of violation of one of these contractual clauses, in the event of an accident, the insurance may require you to pay a real compensation for damages.

You can also choose to evaluate the proposals of the companies on the various online comparator sites, or go to the agencies (direct or indirect) to speak in person with an insurer.

Always remember that a request for a quote is never binding: moreover, do not stop at the lowest price threshold, but carefully evaluate the ceilings, deductibles, optional guarantees and any exclusion clauses (or in any case limiting).

One last piece of advice: it is essential that you rely on well-known companies, or rely on other well-known banks or financial institutions, to guarantee maximum security in effective insurance coverage.


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