How to change the wallpaper on Android

The simple gesture of changing the wallpaper on our Android can also change the appearance of the mobile, even making us use less battery or relax our eyes, since the main screen of our Android, as a general rule, is a hodgepodge of icons and folders in which, if we put a wallpaper with a lot of noise, in the end we do not see anything and our eyesight is in tension.

The truth is that changing the wallpaper of an Android mobile is quite usual, since it allows us to put a photo of ourselves or a stock photo that the mobile brings by default , as well as use one of those applications to change the background .

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In addition, in case we did not know, we can put an animated wallpaper , although it should be known that this is an extra battery cost, and that not all Android phones accept that format.

But let’s get into the bulk of the topic that corresponds to us, and it is that changing the wallpaper on Android is very simple.

The first thing we must be clear about is which photo we want to put , that is, one that we have just downloaded, a photo of our own from our gallery, a stock photo of an app, etc.

With this clear, we must proceed:

  • We open the photo gallery , there are all the photos. Depending on the customization layer that our Android has, the organization of the gallery will be in one way or another.
  • We look for the photo we want , be it a photo of our own, a download from Google, a photo that has been passed to us through WhatsApp, etc.
  • Once the photo we want is located, we can edit it with the basic editor that includes the gallery of our Android mobile. For example, the photo that we have selected is horizontal and to enjoy it well. we need it vertically.
  • Now that the photo is edited as we want it, we save the final result and proceed to set it as the wallpaper.
  • This next step depends on each Android terminal and its customization layer. Well, at the bottom we see 3 vertical dots and when clicking on them a menu is displayed and the option “Configure as” appears .
  • If we select that option, we can choose where we want to put that photo. We click on “Wallpaper” , adjust the parameters and it would be our new wallpaper.
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