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The Instagram developers try not to stop there and systematically improve the application by adding new and interesting features to it. One of these innovations is the ability to customize the correspondence with a person.

The standard color scheme of the dialogue is outdated and in many messengers it is possible to change its appearance. Let’s figure out how to change the color of Instagram messages on your phone and computer. In the article below, you will find a step-by-step guide for each of the devices.

On the phone

The vast majority of all users of this social network use the mobile version. Let’s start with the guide for mobile OCs.


  1. So, the first thing you need to do is go to direct. Launch the application and tap on the message icon with a lightning bolt in the upper right corner of the screen. Previously, it housed a paper airplane.
  2. Once on the screen of the list of correspondences, select the appropriate dialogue and tap on the exclamation mark icon in the circle above.
  3. Next, you need to select the ” Topic” section .
  4. Here are the options for changing the color palette. The user is given the option of changing the topic (includes changing the background of the chat and the color of the sent text), or simply changing the shade of the message while maintaining the standard background.
  5. Making sure the steps are correct is easy. It is enough to go to the chat and pay attention to the environment.


  1. On the iPhone, the situation is almost identical. First, open the extended menu.
  2. Click on the ” Subject” item .
  3. The first block offers to apply a specific theme, the second style of messages.
  4. In this example, ” Love” was used. As you can see, the background has changed to hearts, and the text has become bright pink. We also recommend trying out gradients and choosing your own style for the direct.

On the computer

Currently, the function of changing the color of received or sent messages is not available when using a personal computer or laptop. Despite the fact that the icon changed its usual look of an airplane to a cloud with a lightning for a long time, this did not bring any changes in terms of functionality or visual style. This is likely to change in future site updates.

How to remove the color of messages

Let’s move on to the possibility of returning to the “default” settings. In fact, a conditional return to the original settings is carried out on the same principle as changing to any shade.

  1. We go to the extended menu of correspondence by clicking on the corresponding item at the top.
  2. By analogy with the steps above, go to the ” topic” section .
  3. It remains to go down a little lower and select ” Monochrome“. This will return the chat window to its previous form.

Why is there no color change function

  • If, for some reason, the direct icon on the phone remains in the form of a paper airplane and has not been replaced with a message icon with a lightning bolt, we recommend that you wait for the next update. The developers are introducing the new direct gradually, perhaps your turn has not yet reached.
  • The second likely cause is an outdated device. Owners of large applications are trying to gradually abandon support for old devices, as fewer people use them, and they are unclaimed.

Now you know how to change the color of messages on Instagram using smartphones on Android and IOS, as well as the browser version of the messenger built into the service. This update is more cosmetic in nature and shows an even greater fusion of Instagram and Facebook, from where the “new” direct was taken.


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