How to geolocate on Instagram


  • 1What is geolocation and why is it needed
  • 2How to create geolocation via facebook
    • 1From a computer
    • 2From phone
  • 3How to geotag a post
  • 4How to add a geotag to a story
  • 5How to specify geolocation in the profile header
  • 6How to throw geolocation into direct
  • 7Why the created label does not work

For many companies, social networks have become an excellent source of additional customer flow, and for some, even the only one. The developers, in turn, try to make the process of promoting goods or services as convenient as possible by introducing new functions.
Today we will figure out how to create geolocation on Instagram using Facebook, how to add a tag to various posts and pin it to a profile, and also learn about the main reasons for its incorrect work.

What is geolocation and why is it needed

In general, this setting allows you to set a point on the map and allow other Instagram users to easily find you by geographic location. Basically, this tool is actively used as an additional method of promoting a business.

For example, the owners of clothing stores post the arrival of a new assortment in a profile and indicate a similar location tag, or a novice entrepreneur sets such a point in the place where his coffee shop or other business is located.

Now any user will be able to determine the store address in a couple of clicks, and the overall reach of page visitors will increase. However, no one prohibits the creation of their own unique place and a simple user.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the opportunity to mark the institution in posts to attract an audience. Some services offer to make a publication indicating the location for a certain discount, as a result, a person’s subscribers will be able to go to the geotag and visit the point.

How to create geolocation via facebook

First, you need to create a tag using Facebook, and then specify it through Instagram. All we need is to create a regular or business Facebook page and link it to the Instagram page.

From the computer

Unfortunately, it is impossible to start creating your own geolocation using a PC as the main platform. Apparently the problem lies in the absence of a GPS module on personal computers or laptops.

You can always take any smartphone and follow the steps described below. After completing them, it will be possible to use a PC.

From the phone

  1. So, the first thing to do is download and install the Facebook app. This manual uses an Android OS smartphone, but the situation is identical for IOS. The only exception is software installation using the Appstore, not the Play market . For maximum comfort, attach a direct link to the application:.
  2. After authorization, pay attention to the empty line “ What’s new? “. It is located on the home screen of the page.
  3. By tapping on it, a new menu will open to create a new publication. We are interested in the item called ” Mark visit” at the bottom of the page.
  4. In the search bar, we write the name of a suitable place, which is interesting, it does not have to be the exact address, a spontaneous name is enough. After filling in the line at the very bottom, it will be possible to add.
  5. Next, you need to select a category. We select the appropriate one and click on it once.
  6. Now we indicate the exact address. Alternatively, you can mark the place where you are right now.
  7. Here we indicate the exact address. If you click on the camera icon, you can upload a photo of the place. At the end of the configuration, click on ” Create“.
  8. It remains to publish the post by selecting the appropriate button in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to geotag a post

  1. Open Instagram and tap the plus on the bottom panel.
  2. Choose a suitable image from the gallery.
  3. If necessary, add additional filters to the photo and edit it. After the preparatory procedures, click on the blue arrow pointing to the right.
  4. At the last stage before the publication is the function of adding a place.
  5. We type in a previously created location and find it in the list that appears. All that remains is to post a snapshot to your profile.

How to add a geotag to a story

  1. While on the main screen, press the ” Your story” button on the top panel.
  2. After starting the shooting mode, we shoot a video or take a photo using the round button in the center.
  3. A sticker specially made for this is responsible for choosing a location in a story. Tap on the sticker icon.
  4. We are interested in a sticker called ” Place“. If you do not have it, we recommend that you read the block of the article entitled ” Why the created label does not work “.
  5. The final step is to locate and publish the story.

How to specify geolocation in the profile header

  1. To install geographic data, you need to switch the profile to ” Professional” mode . Go to settings and click on ” Account “.
  2. We tap on the corresponding item at the very end of the page.
  3. We choose the category that most closely matches your line of business.
  4. After switching on the profile screen, go to ” Edit“.
  5. Next, pay attention to the ” Communication Methods“.
  6. The last step is to enter data in the location field.

How to throw geolocation to direct

Now consider a case where we want to share a certain place with a friend.

  1. We tap on the indicated location right above the user’s nickname.
  2. We are interested in the paper airplane icon in the corner of the screen.
  3. We find the desired recipient from the contact list and send him geolocation.
  4. If you need to share a unique point, then the only way out will be personal stories from the correspondence menu.
  5. We also go to the stickers and indicate a point on the map.

Why the created label does not work

  • The most common cause of this type of problem is incorrect location tracking permission settings. The example below uses an Android smartphone under the MIUI shell.
  1. Go to the smartphone menu and find the ” Settings” item .
  2. Next, go to ” Permissions“.
  3. In the list that appears, select the second item.
  4. This is where the location setting is located.
  5. Find Instagram and make sure the ” Allow while using” item is checked .
  • Sometimes the problem lies in the banal lack of fresh updates. If the developers notice the incorrect operation of certain elements, they temporarily disable this function until the latest update. Check for updates through the Appstore or Play market.
  • The latest popular reason is an outdated smartphone. Developers of popular programs often do not remove the ability to use the application, but simply stop introducing innovations. The only solution in this case is to buy a new smartphone.

Now you know how to create geolocation on Instagram. We recommend not to avoid additional tools for promotion, they often bring a certain number of customers and expand the circle of potential buyers. For simple bloggers, this setting will also not be superfluous, mark your favorite places on it and share them with your subscribers.

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