How to change the car bumper

The bumper cars are used to absorb the impact of any kind: today, they are also an essential part of the vehicle design. How to replace a damaged bumper yourself? Let’s find out in the article.

Car bumpers: how it’s made

Bumper of a car

The bumpers of your car are a fundamental part of the bodywork and are now built only in plastic: this is what you see from the outside, but inside there are also crossbars and metal elements, all to offer maximum resistance to accidents and any deformations .

Grills, headlights, fog lights, bezels, are all essential accessories for the design and functionality of the car, fixed to the bumper itself with various screws and buttons.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to damage this very exposed part of the car: damage to the bumpers can range from scratches and real breakages. Moreover, especially during road accidents, they can also tear from the rest of the bodywork causing further inconvenience and requiring other interventions.

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Ruined car bumper

If by now you have seriously damaged the bumper, it will be necessary to remove it to change or repair it: apart from simple scratches, in fact, all other damages require a particular and rather lengthy procedure, especially for an inexperienced person.

Before removing the bumper you must also make sure that there is no internal damage: especially in this case, we recommend a check by a professional.

In case you want to act independently to repair minor damage, you will need several tools, including obviously resistant but comfortable gloves, keys, jacks, tripods, screwdrivers, etc.

Car bumpers: possible damage

Here are the possible defects you might find yourself repairing:

  • cold repair– you will have to do this in case of cracks
  • hot repair– for various deformations
  • polishing– for scratches
  • replacement– essential in case of breakage
  • repainting– essential to change the appearance of the bumper, mandatory after replacements, especially with rough or damaged pieces
  • repair or replacement– in the case of defective fasteners or limited breaks.

Remember that even small accidents can cause big problems to the bumper: touching this part of the bodywork slowly does not exempt you from having caused even serious damage.

Car bumper: how to replace it

After each collision, observe your bumper, and take action if you notice an increase in the gap between the component and the body , or if it is visibly damaged .

Damage to the bumper can also be highlighted thanks to a purely auditory examination: in fact, if you hear strange noises while driving, or perceive excessive vibrations, it is certainly worth checking its integrity.

The essential steps for the correct replacement of the car bumper are:

  • identify all the fixing points (screws, bolts, plastic buttons and small rivets): to do this without neglecting anything, get the technical drawing of the car from the dealership warehouse or online
  • jack up the car, remove the tires
  • be careful in disassembling any component with electrical wires attached to the car
  • unscrew all the components and immediately place them in a container so as not to lose them
  • get help to remove the bumper gently
  • pay attention to any fender protections above the wheel and to the seals
  • disassemble grilles, moldings, pads and friezes

At this point you have to decide whether to repair it or change it with another one, new or in any case perfectly intact, and then proceed with reassembly.

Remember that it is always better to consult an expert in the sector to avoid even more serious and costly damage! Talk to your trusted mechanic first before making any decisions.


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