How to change gamertag username on Xbox Live Android?

The Xbox Live service is one of the best in the world. Not only does it allow you to meet players online to play good games, but it also offers a secure connection system. This service probably makes you curious and to solve a question today you will learn how to change the gamertag username on Xbox Live Android.

How to Change Gamertag Username on Xbox Live Android

Or well, rather you will learn if it is possible to do this. If you are a gamer but you have not yet decided to try this service (either for loyalty to Sony or Nintendo or for another reason), then stop calling yourself a gamer, because those who love video games have to try the entire catalog that the world has to offer .

Change your gamertag username on Xbox Live Android

To solve these doubts in one fell swoop, since it is the one that interests you the most, it must be said that yes and no, it is possible to change the gamertag in many ways, but not precisely from an Android, however when changing it in one it It will change in all your accounts (if you use the same for everything of course)

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With this question already resolved, it is time for you to learn all the available ways to be able to change the gamertag in a very simple way.

Change it online

Just as deleting or deleting my Gamertag from Xbox Live is easy, changing its name is not too difficult.

The main way obviously is by making the change online, which will help you, if you don’t own an Xbox one or 360 , but rather play from the PC. The first thing is to log in to, this is done with the associated email address and password.


Then write the gamertag that you want to start using from that moment, (there will also be suggested gamertags that can be chosen). If in your case you want to make your own, you just have to place it and check its availability with the button that appears there.

You can also, as you already read, use one of the suggested ones, since the list is long and you can always press the ” Refresh ” button, so that the list will refresh and many more will appear.

Once you have found or created the right one and confirm that it is available, click on ” Request it ” and that’s it. Keep in mind that it will take a while to be reflected in some games from that moment on, but if you did everything right the change will be completed in a short time.

And ready with this, it is clear to you that changing the gamertag username on Xbox Live Android is possible in a certain way, since being a unified service this will also be reflected on your mobile.

Switch on Xbox One

Now if you have reached this part of the guide it is because you are the lucky owner of an Xbox console and you want to learn how to change it from it (which is also possible), and this will also change the username gamertag on Xbox Live Android.

First press the “Xbox Button” on the controller to open the guide, then click on the playing image you have on, select from there the ” Profile “, then ” Customize profile “, and finally the current gamertag you have .

From here the steps are the same as in the previous one, you have to create a gamertag or use one of the suggested ones, once you have found the perfect one available, click ” Confirm “.

Xbox Console Companion on Windows 10

Finally you will learn how to change it from the PC but with the Xbox console companion program, for this, log in with the account and password associated with your gamertag.


You will see that the player image appears in the upper left corner, click there, your profile name will appear and under the option ” Customize “, select it and then click on ” Change gamertag “.

Once here it is the same process, check if it is available and press ” Request it ” to finish. It should be noted that Xbox allows several users to have the same name only that it adds a suffix in numbers that will appear next to the player to differentiate.

And ready with this, you know how to change the gamertag username on Xbox Live Android as easy as downloading and installing Xbox games with Game Pass in Windows 10 , since to repeat for the last time with any of these ways it works for those who play from Android.


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