How to change colors in Windows 10

A good way to give a personalized touch to our operating system is through its colors and wallpapers. To help you choose the one that best suits your tastes, this time we are going to explain how to change the colors in Windows 10 to customize this aspect that often goes unnoticed.

What is the use of customizing colors in Windows 10

Virtually since its inception, Windows has provided us with the ability to change wallpapers and manage color . Thanks to this, not only will we achieve a much more pleasant appearance, but we will also adapt the desktop to the characteristics of our screens and, of course, also to our use.

We must not forget that there are users who use many icons on the desktop, but many others prefer not to use the desktop too much and save these icons in other places on the PC.

For this reason, the same wallpaper will not work for everyone equally, but each one is more adapted to our use. In the same way, the fact of opting for one or another wallpaper and colors in Windows 10 will depend a lot on our tastes , since it is possible that we are going to spend many hours in front of the PC and for this reason it is good to get those tones that help us to feel better during the working day, avoid stress or even help reduce it and much more.

Steps to change color in Windows 10

By default, when we add a new wallpaper , it will automatically adapt the color of the Windows 10 interface . In this sense, we are not going to have to make manual modifications, but rather the program itself will choose the most appropriate color combination.

However, what we can do is manually change the color of Windows 10 , for which we have to enter the configuration section by typing “ Settings ” in the search box on the Windows 10 bar .

Once inside we will click on “ Personalization ” and on the left side of the screen we will choose “ Colors ”.

Now you will be seeing a screen similar to the image above where you can choose to automatically detect the color based on the wallpaper, you can choose the color that you like the most, indicate the areas where you want the chosen color to be reflected and even at the end Of all we will have the possibility of making the Start, the action center and the Windows 10 taskbar have a transparent hue that allows us to see what is underneath.

As you can see, what we have learned is to change the colors in Windows 10, for which we have learned that there is the possibility of allowing the color to be chosen automatically based on the wallpaper that we have installed, or on the contrary also we can choose a totally personalized color.


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