How to calculate weeks between two dates with Excel functions

In this article, you will learn how to calculate weeks between two dates with Microsoft Excel functions. Although there is no specific function to do it, it is possible by following a simple method that we will explain later. In case you want to learn more or download Excel you can do it from its official website .

Before, let’s know a little more about this application of the office suite and how to use certain functions of Microsoft Excel. Although Microsoft Excel was created more than 30 years ago, its success and functionality has prevailed throughout the years. It is by far the best spreadsheet software application on the market.

Many programs of this type have been created, however, none have been able to overcome the versatility and their way of adapting to almost any task. Unlike other applications, with Microsoft Excel you can do much more than just do calculations.

It also serves to perform many other activities of daily life such as organizing your list of expenses, bills to pay or income for the month. Also to make schedules or a list of chores at home and even to organize a guest list and an event itinerary. You can even use and work in Excel from an iPhone cell phone

So Microsoft Excel really does much more than just perform mathematical calculations for some company or business. We can all use this wonderful tool for almost anything.

But if you do not know how to use this application, here we will teach you the basic operation and you will also see how to calculate weeks between two dates with Excel functions.

How does Microsoft Excel work and what can you do with it?


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software application primarily designed to ease office work in ordering numerical figures and performing mathematical calculations in a precise and orderly manner.

Even so, as we mentioned in the previous block, this one also works for more everyday activities. Now, if you are a beginner in the use of this application, what should you know and how to use it?

There are several tricks and shortcuts that can help you improve your experience using this program. For example, if you want to select everything you have done to make a change, you just have to press “Ctrl + A” and that’s it. Or you can press the triangle-shaped button located in the upper left corner.

You can also make sums of your calculations automatically with the “AutoSum” option . You just have to press “SHIFT + ALT +” and you will see the autosum option.

Another thing you can do is set the time format. If you have to put the exact time you are working in a cell, you just have to press the buttons “Ctrl +:” and the time that your computer reflects in the corresponding cell will automatically appear.

And for the day-to-day, Microsoft Excel even allows you to easily make a daily agenda that we already explained previously. And it is that Microsoft Excel allows you to do endless activities that make your life easier .

You can order your finances, plan events, create lists or databases, organize your agenda, organize your data, schedules, budgets, ect. In addition to calculating weeks between two dates . How to do it?

How to calculate weeks between two dates with Excel functions?

Although Microsoft Excel does not have an option or function to do this automatically, as we mentioned at the beginning, there is a fairly simple method to do it. What is it about?

To use this method we have to use the “INT” function and then divide the result by 7 . This function called “INT” serves to round any number you have. So this allows you to find the number of days between two dates and then divide it by 7, resulting in a decimal number.

Therefore, when using the “INT” function, Microsoft Excel will round this value to determine exactly how many weeks you are. How to achieve this? in the same way you can learn to calculate a future or due date in Excel

The first thing you should do is enter your first date in cell “A1”. Then you must enter your second date in cell “A2”. Finally, you just have to write the following formula: “= INT ((A2-A1) / 7)” in cell “A3” and thus you will calculate the number of weeks.


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