How to calculate the motorway toll to plan expenses and travel

Using the motorway in Italy requires the payment of various tariffs on most of the routes traveled: this is how the calculation of the motorway toll works.

Motorway toll calculation

All travelers traveling on the motorway in Italy are subject to the payment of various compulsory tolls: how to estimate the costs of the motorway route you intend to take?

First of all, let’s try to explain what the motorway toll is, that is, a mandatory tax to be paid to travel a certain stretch of motorway. The amount of each toll varies according to the road and the country, but in the article we will talk about the toll in Italy, defined by the specific sector legislation.

Attention: in our country there are closed motorway toll systems (per km) and open toll systems (it does not change as the km increases). Here’s how to calculate the various costs.

Motorway toll: all variables

First of all you must consider the class of the car, which can be one of the 5 existing, based on the physical measurements of the vehicle, on the silhouette (height of the passenger compartment – class A or B) and on the number of axles of the vehicle (if more than two – class 3, 4, 5).

To quantify the motorway toll, it is necessary to take into account the coefficient, known as the Unit Tariff, and multiply it by the km between the motorway toll booths: to be precise, it is important to consider any free sections, adduction braces and junctions.

Furthermore, one of the characteristics that varies the costs is that relating to the type of road section (whether plain or mountain), added to the cost of running and maintaining the roads.

If the management of the road is entrusted to several concessionary companies, you must calculate the kilometers and the rates for each of them, then add the VAT and finally round off mathematically to the lower or higher 10 cents (Interministerial Decree 10440/28/133 of 12 November 2001 ).

Always remember that roads with many viaducts, tunnels or mountain sections will be the most expensive.

Calculation of the motorway toll

Do not worry, above we have explained to you what are the factors to take into account to calculate the motorway toll on the official website of Autostrade per l’Italia, (+ 50% of national routes) you can find a handy calculator.

Alternatively, you can rely on the various apps that offer you a quick calculation of the motorway toll: many of them are free and will give you the costs in a few steps and in a few moments.

By calculating the price of the motorway toll in advance, you can organize travel and finance more precisely, especially in the case of carpooling.


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