advantages of long-term rental for the armed forces

Let’s find out why long-term rental is particularly advantageous especially for the armed forces .

Long-term rental, because it pays off

Long-term rental is an increasingly used service, an excellent alternative to buying a car. This formula has in fact numerous advantages that allow you to drive a new car, without having to deal with maintenance and operating costs.

RCA insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance are charged to the rental company; the customer will therefore only have to pay a fixed monthly fee to enjoy a car in perfect condition!

But we must be careful: we often think, in this way, of being able to rent any type of car. Let’s dispel this myth! Each car has its own price based on the make and model. It is therefore unthinkable to rent a BMW 3 Series for the same fee as a Fiat Panda.

The rental company makes one of its goods available to its customers and, as such, it must be protected. The company must be certain that the customer is able to meet the agreed expense through a secure and trustworthy employment contract .

Precisely for this reason, the personnel serving in the armed forces are particularly advantaged as they are recognized as working stable and, due to the role they hold, reliable .

The armed forces and long-term rental

The company, after a rental request, makes the necessary checks to accept the reliability of its future customer. A policeman or a carabiniere, for example, will be able to complete their request easily, without encountering too many obstacles, because they represent a trusted category and with a continuous work activity.

Specifically, here are the categories that enjoy these benefits:

  • air Force
  • Navy
  • Fire fighters
  • Weapon of the Carabinieri
  • Italian army
  • Guardia di Finanza
  • State Police (including top management roles / Prefects)
  • Penitentiary Police


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