How to bet on Dota 2

Esports betting has long been a hit with bookmakers, but with the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for esports competitions has reached a whole new level. How to bet on one of the most popular esports disciplines – Dota2?

What bets can be placed on Dota2

Typically, Dota2 bookmaker lines include the following markets:

  1. The simplest and most popular market is betting on the winner of the match or cards. Choose your favorite and get a win if he wins.
  2. Total cards. As a rule, teams play with each other up to two wins. The only exceptions are major tournaments, where the fight can go up to three victories. Players can wager on how many cards will be played in a match. For example, to win bets on “total over 2.5”, teams will need to play at least three cards.
  3. Handicap on cards. Handicap betting allows you to increase the odds when betting on a clear favorite or reduce the risk when betting on an outsider of the meeting. A plus handicap allows you to “add” the required number of cards to the team’s score, but reduces the coefficient for its victory. The negative handicap, on the contrary, reduces the final score of the team, so the coefficient on its success increases.

In addition, many bookmakers offer gamblers bets on total kills or total minutes, first blood, first destroyed tower, etc. Some bookmakers also provide an opportunity to make long-term bets – for example, on the winner of a tournament.

Things to consider when placing a bet on Dota2

When placing bets on Dota2 tournaments, the player must have at least a minimal understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game. In addition, to make a successful forecast, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Statistics of the latest performances and head-to-head meetings of teams. This allows you to assess the current form of the teams, as well as understand how well the opponents are familiar with the tactics and playing style of each other.
  • Playing several games in one day, e-sportsmen get significantly tired, which can affect their shape.
  • The importance of the game. As in other sports, matches that do not affect the position in the standings are often played half-heartedly – substitutes are taken out, new strategies are tested, etc.
  • Latest updates. The Dota2 developers are regularly balancing the game with new patches. The next update can weaken or strengthen the hero, or change the characteristics of the artifact.

Other factors that can affect the course of the game include tournament rules, server locations, athletes’ mental health, and line-up changes.

Features of betting on Dota2

Dota2 is a rather unpredictable discipline – the course of the game can change at any minute. In addition, the choice of heroes remains unknown until the start of the game. This leads to the fact that bookmakers sharply reduce the line for a match in live, often reducing it exclusively to bets on outcomes.

When placing bets on LAN tournaments, you should take into account the previous experience of teams performing in this format. An uncomfortable chair, unusual gadgets, and increased attention from the audience can greatly affect the results of the players.

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