How to beat Vegeta and Nappa in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Although in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot the combats against the enemies that you meet while traveling the world are not very difficult to defeat, things change when you have to fight against a very relevant character. Days ago we explained how to beat Raditz . We could say that for the first fight it is not bad in terms of difficulty, although everything is said, it is not that it is a great challenge.

Once you defeat Raditz and progress through the story by completing the main missions, it ‘s time to face off with Vegeta and Nappa . This time you will have the help of characters like Krillin and Piccolo. It is a match that is a notch above in difficulty when compared to the fight against Raditz.

How to prepare for combat

If you want to stand up to Nappa and Vegeta you have to be level 18, more or less. It turns out that Vegeta is level 20, so if you try to kill him by being, for example, level 16, you will have a very bad time. Another thing to keep in mind is to carry enough health drinks in case you receive many more attacks than the account and your life bar drops quickly. If you want to curl the curl, before the fight you can eat a meat or fish dish , this will make you have more life.

How to beat Nappa

Nappa is a very fast warrior , so the first thing to do is not be in a hurry to finish him off and protect yourself from as many attacks as possible. As soon as you have the opportunity you have to use the Masenko attack , it will take a lot of life to be very effective. Also, whenever you can, try to attack him from behind .

To avoid, as much as possible, that he makes a super attack, it is very good to use the solar flare ability , this will blind Nappa for a few seconds. At that very moment you have to attack him without mercy. We could say that Krillin’s ability is decisive in winning Nappa. During combat you have to pay attention to the life bar. If you see it necessary, use a vitabebida. In the end, Nappa will bite the dust.

How to win Vegeta

After beating Nappa comes the main course, Goku against Vegeta. It’s a tougher fight that quite possibly will make you use a few vitabeverages. More than melee attacks, Vegeta carries out ranged attacks. You have to try to dodge the ranged attacks . There will come a time when he will stay still, take the opportunity to hit him again and again . When you see that he recovers, it is best to get away from him. Then it will return with ranged attacks.

In the second part of the combat Vegeta transforms into a giant ape by creating an artificial moon. The tactic to follow is very easy, Vegeta simply makes melee attacks, so you dodge them with quick movements and hit him as soon as you get the chance. However, Vegeta ends up transformed into a giant monkey and Goku is trapped between his big hands.

With Goku about to be crushed by Vegeta, Son Gohan, Krillin, and Yajirobai spring into action. Like all Saiyan, Vegeta has a weak point, the tail . Krillin tries to cut off Vegeta’s tail but fails. However, the one who does not fail is Yajirobai.

Now that Vegeta has lost his tail he stops being a giant ape and returns to his normal form. Here begins the last part of the fight, where Son Gohan has to buy time fighting Vegeta so that Goku can pass all the energy that he has accumulated from the earth to Krillin. Next, Krillin launches a super attack, which although at first he manages to avoid Vegeta, it ends up hitting him.

But the fight does not end here, Vegeta is still standing. However, something unexpected happens, Son Gohan fixes his gaze on the artificial Moon created by Vegeta and turns into a giant monkey that ends up crushing Vegeta. By the way, the last phase of the confrontation are mostly cinematic. With that said, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the show .


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