How to have a lot of money in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Finding a place of interest in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is very easy, you just have to open the map to see where the vendors, airways, fishing spots and much more are. If we focus on vendors, they usually sell drinks and all kinds of food. Although it also depends on the seller, there are several types. If you want to get some money this is the right place, however, they usually don’t pay much for most items .

Getting money is not difficult, the problem is when trying to gather many zeni (in-game currency), it can take you a long time. Money is not a problem at first, but as you progress and need to buy large amounts of certain products, such as vitabebidas, you will see that the accumulated money goes down quickly . Luckily, there are very well paid items that you can sell, so you will have a lot of money in no time.

How to have a lot of money

While you explore each of the areas you can go collecting all kinds of fruits from the trees, fishing and hunting. However, they usually don’t pay much for fruit. Depending on the type of fish you can get more or less money, but you will not get rich either. The same can be applied to dinosaur meat. So what can I sell to earn a lot of money? One of the keys is in the gifts .

If you take a look at the guide, how soul emblems and the community wall work , you will see that I am talking about gifts. By completing the main and secondary missions you not only receive experience, D medals, but also various rewards. One of these rewards is gifts.

Gifts are used in the Soul Emblems menu and are used to level up the community and in turn boost some benefits. You may have certain gifts repeated, others will no longer be needed to level up the community. Well, the best thing you can do is sell those gifts that are not useful .

Not all gifts pay well, but at least you will receive more money for them than selling fruit, fish or meat . There are some gifts, like necklaces and rings, that pay very well. For example, for every pretty piercing you will receive 5,250 zeni. So you already know. If you want to have a lot of money as quickly as possible you can always sell gifts.

To find out how much they will pay you for each gift, you don’t have to go to a seller . If you access the objects menu you will be able to see all the gifts you have in your inventory. You just have to select a gift, on the right you will see the sale price.

If you need the gifts you have in your inventory to level up the community, then you have other alternatives to get money. You can destroy enemy bases and sell materials to build vehicles. The last, and best option, is to collect the Dragon Balls . By collecting the balls, you can ask Shenron for a large sum of money (30,000 zeni). Also, in case you didn’t know, it is possible to repeat the process every 20 minutes.


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