How to be a policeman or taxi driver in GTA 5 – Grand theft auto 5

In the video game GTA 5 you can find adventure and action, also the game is available for different versions of PlayStation, Xbox and for Microsoft Windows. You can find that the open world video game takes place in a city and contains a series of characters highlighting that the main ones are named Franklin, Michael and Trevor.

You can also become different characters adopting a variety of characteristics , for that reason we will explain what are the steps for you to transform your character into a policeman or a taxi driver.

Grand Theft auto 5: Steps to be a cop

Initially, to be able to change the character to the policeman, you have to enter ” director mode ” when entering, a new window will open in which you can find a variety of characters. So first you have to choose the character ” emergency services “.

When entering the service, several options are also displayed, so initially you can define the sex of the character if you want it to be a man or a woman. Then the option “LSPD” is selected, then you can choose the appearance of the character, for example if you want it to be white, black, among other options.

Once this step is done, you will have the police officer and then you must go to the LSPD, it is also important to mention that you can adjust several options in the configuration. For example, the search status can be turned off so that no one is chasing the character.

Also if you wish in the settings you can activate the invincibility option so that no one can defeat the police. Once you make the changes to your preference you can take a police vehicle which can be found parked outside the LSPD facility.

By having the police vehicle you can enjoy the character and be a policeman in GTA 5 in a simple way. So now you are ready to perform police tasks, you can even fight gangs if you wish. You can also arrest people and shoot, of course if you do it the best thing to do is flee.

It is important to note that to be a police officer you must have version 1.30 or higher, since director mode access is available in those versions. So by following these simple steps you can enjoy the character and be a uniformed policeman.

Find out how to be a taxi driver in the game GTA 5

It should be noted that within GTA 5 it is possible to be a taxi driver so to achieve this you must first call the taxi service . Once the taxi driver arrives, the character must get into the vehicle and take it to become a taxi driver.

The character must get into the vehicle by force and evict the driver from his car, it is a way to borrow it, in this way he will become a taxi driver.

Later you can walk the car and follow the route destined to pick up a passenger. You can also contact the taxi line to offer to pick up a ride, in addition, the search route for the passenger will be displayed on the map.

Once you arrive at the place where the passenger should be searched, he or she can get into the taxi and later can take them to their destination. Emphasizing that the pajero route is also on the map.

When you arrive at the destination you have to wait for the passenger to cancel the race , so if he does not want to pay you can force him. Likewise, if there is another race available, the line service will notify you and you can go to the place where the passenger should be searched.

Remember that each passenger search route and destination are established in the GPS. In short, you can have a series of characters, adventure and action within the video game, also with a few simple steps you can easily turn your character into a policeman or a taxi driver, as you prefer.

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Have you understood the procedure to be a policeman in or taxi driver in GTA? Do you know another way to be a cop in or a taxi driver in GTA? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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