Where to find and open armored vans in Grand Theft Auto 5 – GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the perfect examples of how the video game industry has matured considerably in recent years, an evolution that we can notice when we return to GTA San Andreas on Android and compare it to GTA 5, the franchise has its narratives have been changing to offer a more satisfying experience for game users.

Unlike GTA San Andreas that had a vast universe where we could use a variety of tricks within the game and move in 3 different cities, the main pillar of GTA 5 is that we have an interactive dynamic between 3 different protagonists, establishing a connection between the character and the user, also offering a better narrated and developed story.

How to Steal and Where to Find and Open Armored Trucks in Grand Theft Auto 5 – GTA 5

Although today there is a great variety of games for Android and iOS , the experience offered by Grand Theft Auto 5 is totally different due to the infinity of details, missions and secondary characters that the game introduces from the beginning to prolong the history of the game. same without losing direction and sense of the main narrative, offering both freedom and structure.

In Grand Theft Auto 5 we have a city that has a life of its own, full of characters and things to do, among the favorite hobbies of the game users is planning robberies and getting the elements we need for them. Therefore, with this article we will teach you how to steal and where to find and open armored vans in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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Steal armored vans

The first thing you should know to steal armored trucks is that these, like a legendary pokemon, cannot be found on the map . Complicating the task a bit, but making it more entertaining in the process. If you come across one of them at random, these can be activated as a secondary circumstantial mission, once the mission starts, the fun begins.

Depending on the situation, the van may be in motion or parked while the guards load the vehicle, so you will have to adapt well to the situation that arises, since the way to act in each case is different and some methods are not as effective as others.

One of the most effective methods if it is in motion is to shoot at the wheels and then get rid of the guards so that they do not get in the way of the robbery, you must get the money quickly to leave the area before the police appear, well your search stars will be activated.

The advantage of this method is that you will have all the money together in the same place and not spread out as with other louder options, making the robbery more effective . In case you are interested in the chase and action, you can always put C4 bombs on the doors to blow them up, wreaking more havoc and creating more drama to the matter.

On the other hand, if you come across the van stopped, you’re in luck. You just have to eliminate the guards who are exposed, preferably with a rifle at long range , and collect the loot before the police appear.

Find armored vans

Although it is true that these do not appear on the maps, there are certain areas where their activity is greater than in the rest of the areas, due to particular circumstances that you probably did not take into account.

Especially in 3 particular areas such as Paleto Bay due to its proximity to the armory where the guards receive ammunition, in Little Seoul due to the large amount of money that moves in the Korean area, and finally South Los Santos, the area most likely where we can get a van in large part due to the high criminal activity in the neighborhood, where corruption is the order of the day.

In this last area, you must be careful to steal an armored car , since it is very likely that the neighborhood gangs will attack you when you see you carry out the robbery, therefore it is advisable to be quick and stealthy in these situations.

If you are still not convinced of the wide variety of options that th that this game offers, we hope that with this article you will be encouraged to give it a well-deserved opportunity .

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