How to backup Telegram

Are you wondering how to backup Telegram in just a few steps? Here is everything you need to know to save data from Telegram with backup.

The daily interaction with the smartphone could make you underestimate the aspects related to data loss. The internal memories of mobile devices are more and more capacious and saving your data on the computer becomes a competition to – I’ll do it later – and then end up never doing it.

It has happened to you over the years that you have lost your data due to a sudden malfunction of your smartphone or even worse from a loss of your mobile product. As you know very well, if you do not have a latest generation Android or iOS operating system, recovering or finding your smartphone is really very difficult. But Backup comes to your rescue , a phenomenal tool for saving and recovering your data.

Specifically today we will see how to backup Telegram , an application increasingly used by users around the world.

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  • Saving data from Telegram: updated instructions
  • How to save Telegram chats
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Telegram Desktop
    • Telegram Web
  • How to save Telegram chats by changing phone

Saving data from Telegram: updated instructions

Although over time the methods for backing up on Telegram have always been very similar to each other, with the latest update the famous instant messaging application has introduced some relevant innovations.

Specifically, with the latest version for Android 8.1.2 you have the possibility to save conversations on the disk with extreme ease and speed. In fact, in addition to the traditional systems for saving data on your smartphone, you can also do it on your desktop or laptop. All you need is the latest version of Telegram Desktop and you can save your Backups in JSON or HTML format .

The update will also give you the opportunity to take advantage of Passport support , very useful for better managing notifications. If you have a really large number of conversations, just go to the Settings and thanks to the Export function save everything where you want. But let’s see the procedure in detail so as not to miss any step.

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How to save Telegram chats

As you can imagine, although Telegram is a very popular application it has small differences in the management of functions on iOS and Android operating systems. In order not to confuse the two procedures, we will analyze them individually.

We recommend that you check that the installed version of Telegram is the latest available in order not to run into trivial errors. In the next paragraphs we will take a look at how to save Telegram chats also on Telegram Desktop and Telegram Web , so do not get distracted.


If you are a happy owner of a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system, the procedure for saving Telegram chats is really very simple.

First of all, unlock your smartphone and search for the Telegram for Android application icon . Once found, press on it and start the app as if you want to take a look at the chats. If you have not yet logged in, it is the first step to use the program, enter your credentials and we can start the path to save the chats.

Now you have to search for the conversation you want to save and instead of opening it, keep your finger pressed on it for a few seconds until a small window with options appears. At this point, all you have to do is select Forward with the arrow symbol to the right and send the chat to Saved Messages . Now you can find all the chats saved in this dedicated section, even if you have to change your smartphone or have it stolen.

Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the conversation and send it to you, but as you can imagine it is much more cumbersome and tiring as a procedure. For further information read also how to take screenshots with Android .


In principle, the procedure for iOS operating systems is similar, but as you already know you will have to confirm the permissions to your dear iPhone many more times, let’s see how to save the chats.

Unlock your iPhone with the biometric sensor or Face ID. At this point, look for Telegram for iOS in the application drawer and press on it to start the app. Log in if you haven’t done so yet and search for the conversation you want to save. Here, too, you will have to press and hold on the chat for a few seconds and, in the menu that appears, tap the Select item . Then check the chat or chats you want to save and press the Forward arrow symbol at the bottom .

Telegram on iPhone may ask you to confirm the operation by entering the unlock password or biometric recognition. Confirm that you want to complete the operation and forward the chat to Saved Messages .

As for Android, even with iOS you can make screenshots of the conversation and send them to you, fortunately the Apple system is much faster and smarter than the Android one; therefore, it is a solution not to be discarded a priori. Also read here, how to take iPhone screenshots .

Telegram Desktop

As we anticipated in the previous lines with the latest update you can also save Telegram chats from the desktop software.

Obviously, if you want to use Telegram from your PC, we recommend that you download the software from the official page of the site and take advantage of all its potential. You can download it for both Windows and Linux and Mac operating systems, so no compatibility problems.

Once the download and installation are complete, start the application and log in with your details. Telegram will simply ask you for your phone number and after a few seconds you will be ready to use it.

Now we can proceed to Backup chats, photos or videos through the program. First of all press, at the top left, on the three-strip menu where a secondary window and the Settings option will open . Click on it and then choose the Advanced item , usually placed in the lower part.

Now you just need to choose the Export Telegram data option and set it as default. With this function you will be able to export not only your chats, photos and multimedia files but also the complete list of your contacts .

To finish click on Export , and all selected files and chats will be saved on your computer.

Where does Telegram Desktop save the data? in the Telegram Desktop folder in Downloads. The save path is the usual one:  C: \ Users \ [username] \ Downloads \ Telegram Desktop so you can’t go wrong, but also check the main Desktop for safety.

Telegram Web

The Telegram Web solution can also be interesting if you really don’t want to install software on your computer. In this case you must necessarily open your favorite Internet browser and go to the Telegram website . From here enter your credentials and in a few seconds you will be magically in the application just like on your smartphone.

On the first page you will see the conversations you have undertaken with other contacts, groups or Telegram pages and you can start saving your chats by taking screenshots. We are sure that you are disappointed by the impossibility of using a special function of Telegram, but the tool for saving Backup is not implemented in the version of Telegram Web.

To get around this problem, we recommend using a Google Chrome extension called GoFullPage which in a single screenshot will capture all your conversation and in one click you can save it in PNG or PDF format.

Alternatively, I suggest you read this very interesting guide on how to take screenshots of a web page with Chrome .

How to save Telegram chats by changing phone

We have seen how to export a Telegram chat , but how does the saving process work if you switch phones?

In this case, there are two paths you can take:

  1. Export individual chats to your computer and then import them to your new smartphone. For example, it is possible to copy the backup from a PC to a Google Driveor iCloud account and access it from a mobile device to view the chats with the device browser.
  2. Save the chats and files you want in the Saved Messagessection .

We have analyzed both methods in the previous lines and it depends on how you think is most comfortable for your needs. Remember that the chats saved in the Saved messages section are stored directly on the Telegram server and you can always find them from any device you access the Telegram application.

Be careful to delete this section only if you have not saved any important files. In the meantime, I suggest you get organized and read this article on how to have Telegram without a phone number .

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