5 Ways to Give Robux in ROBLOX

At ROBLOX there is the possibility to give or donate Robux in various ways. This action is quite simple and is usually a common practice among the players of this game. You can also receive donations from your friends through the following systems that you can find in our updated guide.

Do you want to give ROBUX to your friends or acquaintances in a simple way? At Mundoblox we have created a list with the 5 Best Ways to Give Roblux .

⭐ How to Give ROBUX in ROBLOX by Pass?

This mode is well known and perhaps one of the easiest to apply. To be able to give Robux in ROBLOX through the passes available in the store. Below we will show the steps you must follow:

  1. Enter the ROBLOX Store
  2. Access the Option «Add Pass»
  3. Complete the fields that they ask for.
  4. Include an Image
  5. Set a Price for the Pass


⚠️ Remember that when you sell a pass you will get 70% of its total value, since the ROBLOX platform keeps 30% of the commission of the sale. ⚠️

Now you only have to ask the Beneficiary to buy the ROBUX pass that has been set plus that 30% of the ROBLOX commission. Then find the user and buy the pass within the store. With this you will be able to transfer ROBLUX from one user to another.

⭐ How to Gift or Give ROBUX in ROBLOX being in a Group?

If you don’t want to donate that extra 30% to the ROBLOX platform, there is a slightly more complicated way. For this you will need to meet the following requirements:


  • Create a Group
  • Be the Administrator of this Group
  • Invite the donor to be a Group Member
  • Have funds (ROBUX) in the group

⚡ How to Win ROBUX in a Group within ROBLOX?

To have funds in a group you must create different accessories, if you do not know how we recommend our easy guide to create clothes in ROBLOX. Once you have created all the possible clothes or accessories, you should put them up for sale. Once you sell a product, you will see the group’s funds increased.


⚠️ The Group Administrator can manage these funds as he considers. Still, remember that the ROBLOX platform will keep 30% of the funds raised. ⚠️

If you are going to use the funds raised in the group to buy, we recommend that you use the first system that you will find in this guide. If, on the other hand, you want to donate ROBUX through the group, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your group
  2. Access your profile as Administrator
  3. Then select the Payment Option
  4. In this tab you can choose to make a payment to ALL Group Members or search for the beneficiary.
  5. Confirm the donation.

⭐ How to transfer ROBUX from one account to another?

All ROBLOX players can transfer all their locations to another account with the help of ROBLOX Studio. However, there is no known way to pass ROBUX, objects or other data from one account to another.

⚡ How to Move a Location Between Accounts Step by Step

In order to perform this action, you must first Install Roblox Studio. Follow the steps in our tutorial and you will have it on your PC in a simple way. Once installed you will only have to:

Tips for The Rake

  1.  Launch the Roblox Studio program
  2.  Remember to Start with the Linked Account you want to move
  3.  In File, Save How you should name your file
  4.  Then exit the account
  5.  Start a game with the account where to transfer the new place
  6.  In File, Open you must select the place
  7.  Go to the Place tab and in File choose the option Publish to Roblox
  8.  Now you can choose the game to replace or choose a New Game
  9.  If you choose to start a New Game, set up and click Finish

⭐ Transfer and Gift ROBUX to a Friend Buying their Clothes

As you can see, this way of donating ROBUX to a friend is quite simple. We have already mentioned previously that an easy way to earn ROBUX within ROBLOX is by creating your own clothes. In fact, this mode is one of the best ways to acquire extra money in your account.

Donating ROBUX to a Friend or Acquaintance using this technique is quite simple, for this you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Search for the user for whom you want the garment
  2. Buy this garment
  3. Confirm and he will receive the amount that you have paid minus 30% of the ROBLOX commission.


In order to access this option, the ROBUX beneficiary must have a Premium account. Otherwise you will not be able to sell your clothing items. 

 Donate ROBUX to your Friends using ROBLOX Gift Cards

An also valid option is spending real money. To do this, you just have to buy a ROBLOX Gift Card and instead of keeping the code you can send it to a friend through the ROBLOX private chat. So that you can have this option directly, we have selected the 3 most common types of cards. Surprise your friends for their birthday with some extra ROBUX!

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