10 best Backup software

In the review, there is an excellent ten of the best programs for backing up data. Some are mainly focused on bringing the computer to life in the case of Windows not loading, others on periodically backing up personal information. All the versions under consideration are free, many have paid counterparts with additional functions.

Redo Backup and Recovery

Redo is a special version of the Linux bootloader that includes window and console attachments for backing up, reanimating hard drive partitions and other operations. For Windows users, the Redo software package is also useful, as it loads from external media and understands all file systems.
Although Redo has an English, but not difficult interface. There are 2 icons in the interface of the main module: the first one is for copying the hard disk , the second one is for restoring it. You can write a disk image either to the original partition or to another.

In addition to the main utility, Redo includes the following programs:

  • file manager (you can google along the way);
  • image viewer;
  • command line;
  • text editor;

Redo is able not only to restore an entire disk using a pre-recorded image: it has console attachments for fine-tuning the hard drive.

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EASEUS Todo Backup Free

The free version of the program has the following features:

  1. Reservation / reanimation of disks and their parts.
  2. Resuscitation from a backup copy of the affected Windows system partitions on the original or other media.
  3. Selecting the level of compression res. copies.
  4. Storing multiple versions of files.
  5. Wipe information on disk.
  6. Cloning disks, selected partitions, transferring Windows to another medium.
  7. Creation of a pre-boot environment for resuscitation, not boot Windows.
  8. Cloud backup.
  9. Creation of a reanimating disk.
  10. Transferring Windows to another PC with identical hardware.

The program supports 3 types of archiving:

  1. Full
    Every time everything is overwritten anew.
  2. Incremental
    Starting from the second backup, only changed and new files are backed up (data is backed up)).
  3. Differential
    Analogue of the incremental method, the difference is more copies and disk space, faster recovery.

Todo is one of the best backup and recovery software for your system. Its functionality is really impressive.

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Cobian Backup

The application is designed for regular backups of information on a Windows computer. Cobian does not create bootable disks, but you can set up automatic copying of the necessary folders. There is even an FTP upload, which is not typical for free software. You can choose redundancy with or without compression, the first option implies additional load on the hardware .

The utility is installed as a program or service, after installation, a Cobian icon appears in the system tray, double-clicking on which opens the settings. Dozens of adjustable parameters are correctly distributed over several windows, the Russified interface helps to understand them.

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Aomei backupper

Aomei’s product resembles the Todo backup in functionality, only it has a more modern design. Another strong point of Aomei is the presence of a localization language, it is not necessary to be limited to the original English version. The functions of the software include:

  • Backing up and restoring Windows disks , partitions, individual files.
  • Starting from version 5, Universal Restore technology is available for users of free software, which allows you to transfer Windows to another PC.
  • Full, incremental, differential copying can be done; run a backup of Windows, without stopping working with documents, various programs; select the degree of compression for copies (zero, medium, high).
  • Cloning disks / partitions.
  • Synchronization of files.

Aomei Backupper is a fast Windows backup software that combines advanced design and functionality. After installing the crack, it’s a pleasure to work with it.

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Macrium Reflect Free

The Reflect attachment has proven itself as a tool for transferring Windows from HDD to SSD . It is also convenient to use it to create an image of the system. To download the free software, you need to select the Free version on the Macrium website. The program interface is in English, but it is not overloaded with details, you can understand the menu. For example, transferring the system to another disk is done literally in 3 steps:

  1. In the Backup tab, press “Clone this disk”.
  2. If necessary, uncheck the sections that do not need to be copied. Click “Select a disk …” at the bottom to select where you want to back up.
  3. Click “Next” a couple of times, and then “Finish” and “OK”.

To create a disk image, you need to click “Create an image …” in the Backup tab. The next step is a procedure similar to cloning. By default, the program offers an average level of data compression. After the backup is completed, the resulting disk image is visible in the Restore tab, you can copy the necessary files from it.

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Paragon Backup & Recovery

The backup is designed to back up data from computers that run MacOS and custom versions of Windows. Server Windows cannot be backed up using Paragon software. The functionality of the program includes creating a disk image for system recovery and backup, which can be performed at a specified frequency: daily, monthly, by event. There are 3 types of backup available: full, incremental, differential. The choice depends on the desired backup speed, the availability of free megabytes, and other factors.


You can select the storage period for the backup. By default, data is retained until deleted by the user. In addition, the level of compression of archives can be adjusted, and a password can be set. You can back up all PC disks, divide the backup into parts. The brainchild of Paragon is considered to be one of the best programs for systematic file backup, largely due to the credibility of the developer company.

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BackUp Maker

If you only want to set up folder backup in Windows, you can use the BackUp Maker utility. The program has a simple and logical Russian-language interface. Tuning Algorithm:

  1. Selecting folders for backup.
  2. Install file filters, if necessary.
  3. We choose the time to start copying or time the start of the backup to a system event (OS start, exit from it, connection to a USB flash drive ).
  4. We decide on the nuances of copying.
  5. Select the storage location for the backup (on the same PC or send via FTP).
  6. Configuring the assignment of names to copies.

After setting up the backup, the program will create zip copies in the background with the required frequency. You can put a password on the archive. It is possible to set the division of the backup into parts.

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Action Backup

Action utility is similar to BackUp Maker, it is also intended for file backups. The tasks in it are configured in the same way. Uploading to HDD, FTP, USB stick, local network directory is available. Implemented fine settings for archiving: you can skip system files, not compress video, etc. It is possible to set parameters for deleting obsolete copies:

  • nail them after a given number of days or weeks;
  • clean the hard drive when there is little space left on it.

You can configure when to delete archives: before recording a new one or after. The choice of the degree of compression, the type of copying is available. Action is one of the best backup software for inexperienced users. It is fully Russified, it has a tree-like help with screenshots. Works in the background, all actions and results of copying are in plain sight.

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DriveImage XML

The program is interesting for the possibility of shadow copying sections and writing a backup in xml format. Utility features:

  • Burn disk images and individual selected partitions.
  • Recovery of disk images. The operation is possible without restarting Windows.
  • Disk cloning.
  • Viewing the image, searching for and extracting files from it.

The program does not know how to do differential copying, you can only rewrite everything over a new one. But the developer took security seriously when performing operations related to the possible loss of information. In some cases, to continue working, you need to enter the key specified in the warning message.

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Everyday Auto Backup

Everyday application is a minimum of settings for daily file backup. The functionality of the program for quick backup implies:

  • the ability to filter files to be backed up by names and / or extensions;
  • scheduling the launch of backups;
  • quick configuration of the reservation profile;
  • overwriting archives or adding new copies.

Everyday can take information for backup from the hard drive, from an external drive or a network directory. For recording the archive, the same 3 options for locations are provided. The backup settings are as simple as possible, only full backup is provided.

Finally, a table by which you can navigate when choosing a program:

  Working with disk partitions File backup Russian language interface Upload to FTP Upload to the cloud
Redo Backup and Recovery +
EASEUS Todo Backup Free + + + +
Cobian Backup + + +
Aomei backupper + + +
Macrium Reflect Free +
Paragon Backup & Recovery + +
BackUp Maker + + + +
Action Backup + + +
DriveImage XML +
Everyday Auto Backup +

Only two out of ten progs combine functions that make it possible to work with disk partitions (reanimate in the image and / or clone) and back up files. There is no tragedy in this, since you can use different attachments as needed.


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