How to avoid rape?

Again and again, women, girls, girls submit to bad behavior by the man. It can be like a millet insult to a person, so the worst thing is violence. Men are men who sacrifice to fulfill their desires. And when it does not matter who, when, and where. Certainly not all of this, but there are all sorts of immoral acts that are not ideas of honor and dignity.


How to avoid rape? And what happens if a similar violence occurs? First of all, you have to look at how the girl behaves in the community, if she looks like an immoral person and behaves in a similar way, she is one of the first to falling into the hands of a priest. Often, such men are selected for sexual relations. There are a few rules to avoid this situation:


Wear comfortable clothing, especially if you are walking at night;


In an unfamiliar company behave well;


If you return home at night or late at night, it is best to have someone meet you at the bus stop. But if you have to take a taxi or a passenger;


Don’t let people suspect you on the street, in travel, at the cafe;


Underneath you, you will have nothing for your safety, whether it is gas or just perfume or deodorant, so that when you are attacked, you can stop the attacker; (it is in the pocket of something to be lied to, because when you look for it in your bag, you may be raped);


Do not go to the door, if you want to go with a virgin, make it higher, this will protect yourself from the attack from behind. When the rapist is ahead, it will be easier for you to explain to yourself how to behave in the future;


Don’t just be alone with the elevator and the suspect.


This is a legal principle for protecting your dignity and personal life, considering them that you will have the opportunity to get out of the situation, or enter it at all.


If you are still in a bad situation, do not be afraid immediately. It scares you, this is it and picks it up, your music and its combination gives it adrenaline. Here, too, are a few basic guidelines.


If you have strong nerves, then you can make the problem worse, moreover, they run away after this;


If you catch a rapist at the door, you have to scream all the way, the neighbors will leave. Although many argue that the neighbors are now afraid to leave, but you have no other choice. Again, you can intimidate the reader, and he may run away.


If the scar tissue has a knife in its hand, but be careful, whatever you do will happen to you. The point is not to be afraid. Most of the time, it comes from the back putting the knife in, remember what is in your bag, what can be done to reduce the problem. If you are running, you can bend the rapist’s leg and heel into the heel.


If you are standing in front of him and he is holding you with a knife, you can hit him between your legs and run down the street, go down and knock on every door. Do not run, there he will catch you.


There is another way to get out of the situation, but it is difficult. You can tell right away that in the eyes of people you are not happy and that you are a lesbian or an energetic woman.


But if you have been raped, do not kill it. Many people commit suicide, they fall asleep about what happened. No, this is the only event in your life that you will soon forget and get better at. In life, there are many reasons, but still to live perfectly. But if you have to take revenge, he will see it and be imprisoned, and you will be avenged for what you have been there, where it will be.


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