The role of the beauty of the world and the life of the woman

In the life of every woman, there are times when everything seems gray and boring for some reason. The work is boring, the feelings are boring, you start to doubt it.


Depression is so common that it is almost impossible to get rid of it worldwide. The problem is that it is nowhere. So, work on any descent, and the conflict is always at home. A man next to his head exploded and finding the answer, what you want. But around such pleasures and creations that you think … no one.


The problem with half of a person is that it is definitely beautiful, so it needs to be reciprocated as beautiful as it is. The problem of beauty comes soon in the life of any woman or woman. The truth is that even though we are not married, we go with our friends for exhibitions, museums and galleries, etc. But if a woman marries, the quick list of cases rises quickly, which is invisible. Yes, and in public, you often see beautiful people. They’d better take the money to a restaurant, or they’d rather buy a new car for the car, “well,” they explain. But, in this case, people are wrong, if they stop buying their fertilizer, wife, water and fertilizer, soon it will be wilts.


If your man is not the type of representatives of the stronger sex who does not refuse to go to a gallery or photo exhibition, then you will think more about the good work of the world around him and the life of the woman any. So, plan, which visits and in general what to do to combine it with beauty.


  1. It is important to visit museums, exhibitions and exhibitions. It does not depend on whether or not fashion, modern or popular, you have to focus on the needs of the body, not the ordinary voice. You can visit the local museum, without running around, explore the favorites, and look for a room for more information. Curiosity will remind you that you will be able to promote yourself.


  1. It is also very important to read the ancient. The key is to overcome stereotypes, which are tedious and uninteresting. After all, we were taught in school, because we were forced to read, and all that was forced to be read was indifference. And in general, the idea is wrong and the identity is for the higher and the more vain. These books are about feelings, relationships, experiences and interpretations at different times.


  1. There is no need to think that all the beautiful things are hidden in galleries and museums, as well as notes of beauty can be explored in the mountains of the city.


A long time ago, an artist, to see an old woman emerging in the grass could, was fascinating. Because when he turned to him – his hand was a note, old and insulting, of the one who threw. This situation caused a great deal of confusion, because control over these had already begun, and unexpected actions were misleading. Make you repent all your life. So, you don’t have to think in terms of decoration only in a specific area.


  1. Walking around the city center, arrange a kind of signal, that is, remember the place and place you saw beautiful. It may be a monument, perhaps a simple square, it fits with the power of your imagination. In addition to being respected you know many of the newspaper standards in your community. And if you don’t know, go on a city tour. Sure, it sounds, but you’ll be amazed at the number of stories, mysteries that lurk in the city walls. In particular, you can show your knowledge if visitors from other countries come to you, surprising them that they have their knowledge.


  1. Back home, you don’t have to choose a path, and the way you know every passer-by on every little road, choose something new and confusing.


  1. When going home, don’t look at the beautiful landscape and architecture, friends and people. Take for granted the law not to hate people, not to look for imperfections, because there are no good things but they all have weaknesses. In everyone, there is something special, wonderful. Try to figure this out and admire the beauty of the look of someone who is clearly not a good person.


  1. Do not forget, beautiful thing, this is a creative creation. Watch out for the changes in the sky before the rain … Remember when you were a kid you could get in through the heat and have so much fun. Remembering this quiet situation, you will soon learn how to bring it back, bring it back from an early age.


But if this point is not inspired or to convince them of the warmth of the world around them, they will believe the incomparable notes below.


A religion of beauty and inadequacy


Unfortunately, the work of beauty of the surrounding world and women’s lives has a whole new dimension than it does today. As a result of the learning of different approaches, the positive aspects of good governance are realized. Daily looks and fashion accessories make women today. Beautiful, beautiful women surround us, but at the same time, they, and others in the world, experience a lack of emotion, a decline of spiritual beauty. After all, if you choose in front of a woman, go to the gallery or go shopping, it will be reluctant to choose the latter.


Of course, the second option, which suggests that women do not spend time to beautify, because they do not have the time and money to go through museums and exhibitions. But, sadly, even this fact did not convince anyone, because no one was prevented from reading ancient manuscripts or walking in the evenings. Remember at least, it was a poem who, when they lived in a village, found time for creativity, they did not read it, they created it, so that today we are surrounded by beauty.


In modern science, however, the notion of beauty is shattered, though we should not abandon the fact that today it is not. Create! We do not accept it in many cases because of preconceived notions, but if you want contemporary artists and poets, don’t think so. It means you have your life situation.

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