How to know if my mobile was hacked and how to avoid it

Having your mobile phone hacked is a very serious matter and requires taking quick actions, since it can represent danger such as phishing or bank fraud . The point is that, before starting to take action, you must be sure that your mobile has been intervened. That is why today we are preparing for you the topic How to know if the mobile phone has been hacked and how to avoid it.

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  1. What exactly is Malware? Virus types
    1. Know computer viruses
    2. Try not to mess with Trojans
    3. The most common: Computer worm
    4. This is how they steal your information with Spyware
    5. Advertisers: Adware
    6. Ransomware hijacking and ransom
  2. What are the ways in which they could hack me?
  3. What is a mobile phone hack and how to identify it?
    1. If it overheats faster, it’s a sign
    2. Red flag: Performance has dropped
    3. You get messages from unknown numbers
    4. If you see too much advertising where there was not before
    5. Mobile malfunction and battery drain
    6. Suddenly apps appear that you don’t remember installing
  4. There are 3 codes to check if your mobile was hacked: Know them
    1. ## 002 #
    2. * # 62 #
    3. *#twenty-one#
  5. How can I repair a hacked phone
    1. Uninstall the app that caused the hack
    2. Does updating my software work?
    3. As a last measure: Reset your phone to factory mode
  6. In what ways can I protect myself from hacking my mobile?

What exactly is Malware? Virus types

Many people are often confused when they hear about this computer term, widely used today. And that refers to a malicious software or program that is intended to enter your device, be it a mobile, laptop or PC and cause damage. But these virtual threats usually have classifications depending on the type of attack.

For this reason we can then find different types of malware that you have surely also heard about. As are adware, Trojans, ransomware, worms, and spyware . But the purpose for which they were created is and will be the same to sneakily infiltrate our computer to steal information or delete files.

Know computer viruses

In order for you to know in depth how each type of malware works, it is necessary that you know very well for what purpose these computer viruses were created . What part of your computer can they infect and what is the most common way they use to sneak into our device.

Try not to mess with Trojans

Trojans are a type of malware that will inadvertently try to get into and stay on your computer by using a legitimate program to disguise itself . A Trojan can act and generate actions without you noticing. They are responsible for opening security breaches so that other viruses can enter and steal important information, but they cannot replicate.

The most common: Computer worm

Computer worms are the most common form of virus that we can find, their main purpose being to replicate throughout the system . And they spread to other devices and for this they can use different ways, such as emails. Although they are very similar to viruses, they do not infect files.

This is how they steal your information with Spyware

Spyware are the typical viruses or software that are responsible for stealing information about the user that infects their mobile device or PC. This information gathering can be of all kinds ranging from few banks or internet searches, etc . For this reason they are very feared and it will be good to keep your computer free of this malware.

Advertisers: Adware

This is the type of virus that cannot always cause damage to your computer, since it usually comes in the form of advertising, especially in the browser . It is often sneakily installed while you install another app and then inadvertently appears as a popup. It can be said that it acts very similar to Trojans to infiltrate, but adware does not cause any damage.

Ransomware hijacking and ransom

This is a very dangerous type of malware that usually hijacks the user’s access to their files or to the PC. And the only way to recover this data is by paying a ransom which must be made with a credit card or cryptocurrencies. Although it is recommended not to access blackmail due to the few guarantees they offer to release your data.

What are the ways in which they could hack me?

Although you may not believe it today there are many ways that cyber hackers use to spy on what you do from your cell phone. And this of course can be done at this time from the mobile applications that you have installed . This software uses the camera or microphone without any authorization to perpetrate their misdeeds.

But this would be just one way of the many that exist, as we already mentioned and in which a smartphone can be hacked. Another way widely used by these criminals is when you  connect to a public Wi-Fi connection or one that is not protected. In this way they can enter your device with impunity.

But one of the most dangerous and that offers the greatest results to hackers is through the well-known Phishing . These are nothing more than websites that appear to be legitimate portals and that pretend that we enter to steal sensitive information such as password, bank details, users. You must be very attentive when they enter PayPal accounts, social networks or banks.

What is a mobile phone hack and how to identify it?

Hacking a phone, as we have already mentioned, is nothing more than unauthorized entry into our mobile. Regardless of which way you use it and therefore it is important that you know how to identify this fact , if you are currently being the victim of a hack. Here are some signs that will tell you if this is happening:

If it overheats faster, it’s a sign

If you notice that your mobile has been excessively hot in recent days, it can be a strong indication that it has been hacked. This is because, when there is a type of malware running all the time in the background on your device, it causes the mobile processor to work at full power, causing the device to overheat.

So if your mobile has started to heat up out of the ordinary from one moment to the next after installing a certain app of questionable origin or it has simply started to heat up suddenly, it is very possible that you have been hacked, so to avoid this, try not to download apps of dubious origin.

Red flag: Performance has dropped

The performance of your mobile may notice that it decreases, since it is offering its processing power to another activity that you do not know. And this is done by another application that the hacker uses and that works in the background . This is a very common way, therefore you must be attentive to the performance of your cell phone.

You get messages from unknown numbers

If you suddenly begin to receive notifications or messages from unknown numbers where they thank you for having subscribed to a certain service. This is an unmistakable sign that suggests that you have been hacked. Therefore you must have some malware that is carrying out this task of subscribing your number to these services.

If you see too much advertising where there was not before

If unexpectedly after unlocking your mobile you get ads or receive notifications with advertising, there is a very high probability that you have a serious case of an Ardware virus.

The most effective way to get rid of this problem quickly is to eliminate the Adware virus , which you can do by uninstalling the app where it is stored , which could be a flashlight app, RAM memory optimizer, utility app or to Adults.

Mobile malfunction and battery drain

If you notice that there is a malfunction of the mobile and the battery runs out in less time than usual , it may be that in the same way, as the processor of the mobile works faster than usual as a result of malware, more battery is used in the mobile. It is also possible that you notice that in the same way your mobile data is depleted faster than usual, it can be an indication that you have been hacked.

Although a mobile malfunction, battery and data drain can be caused by other reasons, it is a good idea not to highlight the possibility that you have been hacked.

Suddenly apps appear that you don’t remember installing

When checking your mobile, have you come across apps that you don’t remember having installed ? Be careful with these, as it may be possible that malware is attacking you and filling your mobile with unknown apps.

Make sure that you have not really installed it by checking the history of apps that you have downloaded, also if trying to eliminate a certain unknown app you are not allowed to do so, this may be the work of malware.

Although you must remember that certain applications that come by default on your mobile cannot be deleted, but it does not mean that they are malware; On the other hand, you must be very careful with APK files , they are very useful at times, but they can be just as dangerous.

There are 3 codes to check if your mobile was hacked: Know them

Thanks to the efforts of thousands of Internet users, today at least three universal codes are known that allow you to know if your mobile has been hacked, in order to start acting to solve this.

## 002 #

The first recommended code is ## 002 # , which is useful to deactivate call forwarding, in case you think that your calls are being intercepted and redirected to another mobile, type this code on your mobile and you will activate this option.

* # 62 #

Another code is * # 62 # , this is a useful code if those who have tried to call your mobile mention that it is out of service or does not answer, so using this code you will be able to know where messages, calls and data from your cellphone.


On the other hand, a last recommended code * # 21 # is similar to the previous one , with the difference that it will indicate if messages, calls and even faxes are being diverted, showing you if any service is really being diverted.

How can I repair a hacked phone

Although it is true that mobile phones are prone to being hacked, it is also true that you can reverse this situation and repair it. But for this it will be necessary that you apply in each case the corrections that we will indicate below

Uninstall the app that caused the hack

One of the fastest and safest ways at your fingertips to remove a program or application that contains malicious software is to uninstall it . Therefore, carry out this procedure as soon as possible, if you have an Android device you can uninstall the application by activating the safe mode first.

Does updating my software work?

Having your smartphone updated to the latest version offers us greater security to prevent it from being vulnerable. Therefore it is necessary that your mobile has the updated software and it is likely that if you perform this operation you can repair the mobile. But it will always be necessary that you carry out this procedure before the eventuality happens and not after.

As a last measure: Reset your phone to factory mode

In the case that all the methods that you have done so far have not offered you a solution to the problem. You must then take a radical measure and it is about resetting your phone to factory settings . As this action will erase forever all the data that your phone contains, it is necessary that you previously make a backup copy

In what ways can I protect myself from hacking my mobile?

As a smartphone user, you can carry out a series of actions that will keep you safe from cyber criminals. And the first of them and that you should not ignore is the update of your operating system . But it is also necessary that you update the applications installed on your mobile.

Keep your phone locked , this is super important, even if you do not like to perform this action, remember that if you lose your mobile all your information contained in it will be exposed. If possible, use a password lock in those applications that contain your personal data.

Do not use public networks to connect , if you do not have a data plan at this time, be tempted. You should already know the dangers of connecting to an open WiFi network and last but not least, do not offer your phone number to everyone.

If possible use a second phone line or use programs to protect your line such as Google Voice .

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