How to archive and unarchive a chat on Telegram

Archiving has little or nothing to do with deleting. Let’s say it’s an intermediate step between keeping the chat in view and hiding it without actually deleting it. Along these lines we are going to learn how to archive and unarchive all the chats that we want within the Telegram application .

We say that it is an intermediate step, because if we archive a chat that is active, that is, with which conversations are still being created, that chat is unarchived as soon as we receive a message, but it can be archived again and keep its notifications.

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Archive chats on Telegram

Let’s go directly to the bulk of this tutorial, starting by opening Telegram on our mobile and pressing for several seconds on the chat that we want to archive:

  • When the chat is marked, a green check appears and we see three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • We click on those dots and a menu appears in which the “Archive” option appears .
  • We click on that option and the chat is automatically archived in a folder that is created automatically and is placed at the top of Telegram.

We already know how to archive chats, we also know that we can continue to send and receive messages, although the latter causes the chat to get out of the archived folder.

Unarchive chats on Telegram

  • We enter the folder where the archived chats are and hold down the one, or those, that we want to unarchive.
  • Now click on the 3 vertical dots that appear in the upper right corner.
  • In that menu that is displayed we see the option to “Unarchive” .
  • Once we click on that option, the marked chats will return to the inbox and will continue to function normally, as before.

Archiving a chat on Telegram is a way to keep your most important chats in order. In this way, at a single glance, we can locate them without problems. But as we have seen it is not a permanent action, but we can unarchive the chats whenever we want.

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