Tricks to earn more money with Google Opinion Rewards

Certain applications allow us to earn some extra money, such as Google Opinion Rewards . Well, today we are going to explain some tricks to earn more money and make the most of this Google application.

With this application we are not going to get rich, nor can we stop working, but we can accumulate a little extra money, which is always good.

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Google Opinion Rewards is an application with which you can earn money with your smartphone. Its operation is very simple, every so often surveys are received and when answering them an economic amount is received .

Surveys are related to the places where you have passed carrying your mobile phone. The questions revolve around what you usually do, what did you think of a certain store, if you are a regular customer and topics of this type.

The money you earn is not deposited into your bank account, but is added to the internal balance of your Google Play account . Therefore, you can only use it to buy applications, games, movies and everything that the official Android store allows.

To have the best chances of being sent surveys and thus earn more money, you just have to follow a few tricks that we are going to tell you right now, although some we cannot apply in all cases:

Activate mobile location

To receive surveys, it is a priority that Google knows the places where we have been and if it is with the maximum precision, then much better.

That is why we must have the mobile location active as precisely as we can. For that you have to do the following:

  • Open the Settings of your smartphone.
  • Go to the ” Location ” section which is usually in ” Privacy “, but which may be in another section depending on what brand of smartphone you have, and activate it .
  • Once activated, click on ” Mode ” and activate ” High Precision “.
  • Finally, we enter ” Google location history ” and proceed to enable them .

Now Google will detect better and more precisely which places you visit and will send you more surveys to complete.

Women have a certain advantage

According to most statistics, women receive more surveys than men in Google Opinion Rewards, because they tend to be more strict and quicker with their responses.

The truth is that if you are female you will have a better chance of earning money with this Google app. And yes, Google has a lot of data about us , so it probably knows if you are a man or a woman even if you are not aware of it.

Updated app and active notifications

It is very important to keep the application always updated and with the latest version since, if Google incorporates any improvement, it will be good to have it from the first moment.

In addition, it is much more likely that the surveys will reach those users with the app in its latest version first, than those who do not update it regularly.

Another thing that is also extremely important is to spend every day to check that we have some surveys to do, in addition to making sure that the notifications are activated and well configured, to minimize the options of losing a survey to the maximum.

Better not leave surveys to do

Whenever possible, it is better to do the surveys as quickly as possible , so that the opportunity is not missed and so that Google sees that we are active users in the application.

But this does not imply that we mince the answers, since that ends up being noticed and we can be penalized by Google.

Use multiple mobiles

A good way to achieve higher income is to place the same account with which we first registered in Google Opinion Rewards on several mobiles at the same time .

This does not mean that we answer the same survey in all, but that each one will receive different surveys and increases the possibility of making money.

In addition, many surveys also look at the type of range of the mobile and its brand, so having several, the percentage of possibilities increases.

Dates are important

Finally, we want to tell you that the date of the year we are in is also important in Google Opinion Rewards.

As is normal, the number of surveys is greater the closer we have dates to give gifts such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day .

This means that these dates are the ideal time to try to do as many surveys as possible, since more will reach us than the rest of the year.

A season that many users assure is good to make money in the application is from September to January, but do not doubt that if you follow all these tips and tricks that we have told you here, you will earn more money in Google Opinion Rewards in a short time, although always humble figures .


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