How to unarchive WhatsApp chats on your iPhone

The WhatsApp platform has become the best application with the most users in the world. The most outstanding tools of the application are video calls, sending and receiving messages with multimedia content. In addition, it allows you to be connected from a distance with your friends and loved ones.

It is a very easy to use social network. But it also allows you to manage your messaging to save those conversations you want to archive without completely deleting them to recover those chats whenever you want. We have prepared this article for you where you can learn how to archive and unarchive WhatsApp chats from your iPhone device and the WhatsApp Web version. For that reason we suggest you read this article to the end.

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  1. What happens when WhatsApp chats are archived?
  2. How to archive a WhatsApp conversation?
  3. Where can you view archived WhatsApp chats on iPhone?
  4. How can you recover an archived WhatsApp chat?
    1. From iPhone
    2. With WhatsApp Web

What happens when WhatsApp chats are archived?

WhatsApp instant messaging allows you to stay connected with your contacts, you can send and read messages on WhatsApp , in addition, make individual and group video calls. But also, you can organize your chats by using the archive tool. That way you can hide those conversations from your chat list .

That is precisely what happens when you archive a chat. It will not appear in the list of your chats but in another section of the archived chats. But you should keep in mind that when you archive a conversation and you receive a message from that chat, it will automatically be unarchived and will be shown between your messages , unless you deactivate that action in the settings and your chat will remain archived.

How to archive a WhatsApp conversation?

You don’t want to see a particular chat or you want to hide WhatsApp conversations and keep the chat organized, then you can proceed to archive it. This procedure is very simple and easy to do. That is why we explain the process: The first step is to enter the WhatsApp application, then locate the Chats tab, go to the chat you want to archive, slide the screen to the left with your fingers, click on the Archive option. Immediately, it will be saved in the archived chats section.


Where can you view archived WhatsApp chats on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone device, it is very important to learn how to handle the WhatsApp application and familiarize yourself with all the tools it has, such as archived chats . That way you can make better use of the application and take advantage of it. To see the Chats that you have archived, you just have to enter the WhatsApp application, you are in the Chats and at the bottom of the screen you will see the icon where the archived chats are saved.

How can you recover an archived WhatsApp chat?

If you have archived a conversation or several WhatsApp chats that are important to you and you want to recover them and reread archived chats . You can recover them and performing this action is very simple. We show you the way to do it whether you have an iPhone device or use the WhatsApp Web application.

From iPhone

From your iPhone, you must carry out the following steps: Open the WhatsApp application , click on Archived Chats, go to one of the chats, slide to the left and click on Unarchive. You can even perform this action manually, and for this, you go to the Chats tab and click Search, there you write the name of the chat or some keywords of the chat to unarchive, slide to the left and press on Unarchive.

With WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp web is a service that the platform offers you so that through your browser you can enter and use the WhatsApp application from your computer. There you can perform the same functions that you perform with the application on your mobile device. One of them, to archive and unarchive chats or conversations.

To unarchive a chat, you need to search for the contact’s name. You can also go to the three dots menu and see the archived chats. You go to the chat in question, click on the menu and choose the option to Unarchive chat . As you can see, if you apply these suggestions given, you will know that the operation of WhatsApp Messenger allows you to organize and access conversations when archiving and unarchiving chats.

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