How to add hashtags on TikTok

Would you like to add hashtags on TikTok (quickly) ? Here you will find the moves to know to solve definitively with hashtags on TikTok

Now in the world of social media, an application designed to allow young people to have fun and let loose, giving life to brand new trends to follow is becoming popular. This idea is called TikTok and has become a must for the youngest, but also a well-known powerful marketing tool. TikTok has literally won the hearts of millions and millions of users of any age. It mainly consists in creating funny and / or original videos, embellished with special effects .

At that point you can increase followers and make this passion for TikTok a real job, becoming a professional TikTokker . However, before getting to this point, there are several tricks and secrets to learn and, above all, there is the need for a great creative nature. Among the many methods, we must also start from hashtags , small expressions preceded by the hash symbol that allow posts to be visible to an increasing number of users.

Hashtags, as in any social network, play a fundamental role in viewing content. As much as they can be a ‘decoration’, if you can say so, to videos, in reality they serve to spread the clips created as much as possible . This makes it easier to reach more people around the world, while also managing to become quite famous within the platform. Furthermore, the latter represent the most well-known trends of the moment, allowing you to associate that video to certain categories. Here is a simple guide on how to add hashtags on TikTok

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  • The moves to know to definitively solve the hashtag problem on TikTok
    • Shoot an original video belonging to a certain category
    • How to enter TikTok hashtag
    • Increase followers thanks to Hashtags on TikTok: you can
    • Never abandon the #hashtag activity
    • Where to find the best hashtags to use on TikTok
    • Sign up for TikTok and start sharing your life with hashtags

The moves to know to definitively solve the hashtag problem on TikTok

As explained above, hashtags are fundamental on TikTok . They go to complete the publication of any content and it is absolutely impossible to think of having a certain fame without the inclusion of the latter. However, it should be noted that like other applications, TikTok also has its own precise method of operation. Precisely for this reason, it may not be automatic to add hashtags , albeit easy. That’s why we have thought of a simple and intuitive guide to open you up to the huge interesting world of TikTok. It is a real series of small moves to get to correctly insert these gates , using even a minimum of strategy.

Shoot an original video belonging to a certain category

Clearly, we must start with the making of the video. In the design phase, it is necessary to immediately think about the categories to which the video clip will belong and, consequently, the hashtag . It is always worth studying the trends . If fashion sees as the main hashtag, for example, ‘ #mare ‘, it means that it is better to create content with that precise theme, so as to insert the strategic term and increase the views. Although it may seem almost trivial, in reality the addition of hashtags must take place even before the creation of any video: only in this way is it possible to understand where to aim. It is essential to analyze the content even before creating it and to understand any hashtags, carrying out a careful analysis of trends.

How to enter TikTok hashtag

If you have decided to put hashtags on TikTok you must first record a video. Press the (+) button at the bottom of the TikTok homepage and start recording by pressing the red circular button .

Once you have completed the video to publish on TikTok , click on the red circular check mark on the right, and in the following screen on the Next button .

Immediately after in the Describe your video field , start adding the hashtags, preceded by the hashtag symbol (#).

When you type the hashtag and the word, TikTok will immediately give you a list of hashtags related to the one you have already written and with the relative number of views. By doing this you can add them to your description by separating each hashtag by a comma.

To review all the hashtags entered, all you have to do is press the # Hashtag button . At the end click on Publish .

It is recommended to understand well which hashtags to insert, taking a cue from what is in fashion within the platform. Writing uncommon or unknown hashtags will not initially help to make the content visible and, consequently, will never take ‘place’ in the ranking of the best Tiktokkers.

Please note that hashtags must be related to the theme / category of the video , so those looking for certain videos belonging to a specific sector will be able to find it easily. Remember that hashtags are essential!

Increase followers thanks to Hashtags on TikTok: you can

The hashtag TikTok serve not only to increase the visibility of published content, but also to attract new followers (followers) to their profile , so as to retain them. In fact, if you think about it, the mechanism is quite logical. A user specifically searches for a particular hashtag, so as to find and enjoy all the videos linked to it. It works exactly like this: a person is interested in a specific theme, or in a trend that is becoming popular on the web, so, for example, look for the hashtag #beautyroutine (beauty routine). At that point, TikTok’s algorithms merge all the content that the aforementioned hashtag was submitted to.

The person who did the research starts browsing a lot of this content. As soon as he sees a particularly interesting one, where there is a good and original creator who satisfies his needs and tastes, he will surely go to visit his account , starting to follow him to stay up to date. The secret, however, is to either develop your own path based on a single sector of enormous inspiration, where it is possible to make well-made and captivating videos; o adhere to as many categories as possible, constantly keeping up with the ever-changing fashions of the web. Indeed, the more hashtags you insert (based on the posts published), the more you have the chance of being discovered by a greater number of people. This is where the trick to quickly increase the number of followers lies. So yes, hashtags are a vital tool for conquering TikTok rankings effectively. In this regard, we recommend this guide on how to become famous on TikTok .

Never abandon the #hashtag activity

To increase the number of your followers, it is important to keep your profile active and, consequently, your hashtags . After understanding how to add hashtags on TikTok, we proceed with the next steps. Before focusing on a single category, unless it is your personal vocation, it is always advisable to walk in step with all possible trends. By creating a wide range of content of various kinds , passionate TikTok users will see your profile much more often. If you really want to take off in the new social world, you absolutely have to adapt to the coolest fashions of the moment. Therefore, we recommend carrying out constant activity on TikTok, so as to make all users understand your commitment to producing interesting videos. Furthermore, we must not limit ourselves to the simple search for the most frequent hashtags, but it is necessary to have a provident component.

Predicting what could be the next hashtag to unleash creativity from all over the world is an important step in conquering the social network. It is not a trivial operation, but it requires a lot of commitment and hard work. If possible, you can always think of inserting different general hashtags that can still adapt to what you have published. What is relevant, however, is constancy .

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Where to find the best hashtags to use on TikTok

If you are new to the TikTok social network and you are not yet able to manage the profile, posts and hashtags, there is a little help but it can be very useful. We are talking about special sites which expose the rankings of all the trending hashtags . Just consult one and find out where it is most convenient to aim to effectively establish yourself within the platform. Some of these are Seekmetricss and Top Hashtags .

Here is a list of the best hashtags to use on TikTok:


Obviously you can decide to dedicate yourself to the most famous hashtags in Italy, in Europe or in the world. It is always good to do a little and a little, without abandoning the generic ones (like #tiktok , #love , #food, etc.).

Sign up for TikTok and start sharing your life with hashtags

Signing up for TikTok includes the same procedure as any type of social media. After these small but useful tips for using hashtags correctly in published posts, it is finally possible to dominate the rankings over time, or at least be able to stabilize effectively.

Once you have mastered the simple mechanism, the rest comes by itself: consistency and trend analysis is everything! On the other hand, it is a bit like using social applications such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, as the hashtag entry process is quite similar. Now you have the right foundation to start your journey. Keep following us for further updates!

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