How to add colors to your Instagram hashtags

Hashtags within social networks are very useful to mark certain specific topics that support a large number of people. Within the Instagram social platform, hashtags are used a lot when uploading publications, it could be said that this is the social network in which more hashtags are used.

Hashtags can be colored. When one of these is written, by default they are painted blue but it is not the only color in which they can be placed. In short, we will show how to put multiple hashtags on an Instagram post, how color codecs work on Instagram, and how to put a colored hashtag on Instagram story.

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  1. What should you do to include multiple hashtags in your Instagram post?
  2. How do color codes work within Instagram?
  3. How to mention a person on Instagram with colored letters?
    1. What are the hashtags that are automatically colored?
  4. How can you put a colorful hashtag in your story?

What should you do to include multiple hashtags in your Instagram post?

Within the Instagram posts you can place several at the same time, all this goes about the description of the image or the video. Putting several hashtags is really easy, you just have to use the ‘New line’ bar and divide each of the hashtags with the number symbol ‘#’.

Within the descriptions of images or videos of Instagram, you can place a lot of text. Just as you can place a lot of text , you can also place several hashtags without the platform questioning you. In case you didn’t know, on Instagram there is a way to observe each of the hashtags that you are following .

By seeing all the hashtags that you follow , it will be easier for you to access some of them to unfollow them if you wish.

How do color codes work within Instagram?

The color codecs within the Instagram social network are very animated and can be used in places like stories or chats. When creating a story, you can use the color codecs to change the background behind the image. In the case of chats, you can change the color of the conversations you have with those you love the most.

These codecs work very easily, you just have to select the option to change the color and it will give you the option to choose the color variation . The same thing happens with Instagram hashtags or mentions, you are the one who will choose what color you want to put on the hashtag, then the application will execute what you ask for.

How to mention a person on Instagram with colored letters?

Colored Instagram mentions can only be placed in stories, they cannot be placed in other types of posts. Placing colored letters in Instagram stories is not easy, so pay attention to the instructions that we will give you:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Press the option ‘Add a new story’
  3. Press the option ‘Add text’
  4. Choose the Font ‘Strong’ or ‘Classic’
  5. Write the mention to the person you want
  6. Mark all text
  7. Select a color
  8. Place the text where you want
  9. Post the story

In this way mentions are placed in Instagram stories with color. Many people also use the mentions with various colors. Placing mentions in mixed color is a bit tricky, but not impossible to do. Pay attention to the following indications, so that you learn how to place this type of mentions .

  1. Enter your Instagram account from the application
  2. Click on ‘Add a new story’
  3. Select a solid text font
  4. Write whatever you want
  5. Mark all the text and choose the color you want
  6. Place the mobile on a table
  7. With one finger you will press one of the colors to choose and the other you will slide it throughout the text

In this way you will have a mention with several colors as if it were a rainbow. In case you don’t like these types of mentions, then opt to use one with a solid and individual color.

What are the hashtags that are automatically colored?

The hashtags that are automatically colored are those of the normal publications, these are automatically colored blue and cannot be changed. Instead, in stories, the color of the hashtags can be decided by the person who is going to post the story. In addition, they can be placed in blue if desired or in any other color, to make it a little different.

How can you put a colorful hashtag in your story?

To place a color hashtag in a story, you just have to enter the app, go to where it says ‘Add story’, then add the text, mark everything and choose the color. From the Instagram website, you can also place this type of hashtag by following the indications shown above. Now, if one day you have problems with Instagram stories, you would have to consult with Instagram technical support .

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