How to add a website exception in Norton Internet Security

Norton is a product developed by Symantec, and Norton Internet Security was the main product until 2015, being replaced by what we now know as Norton 360, a security suite that has multiple features that make its use easier, from its interface down to its characteristics.

It can be found as a standalone product or as a package, being ” Norton Systemworks ” which has the necessary features to block bots, rootskis, an anti-spam email filter, parental control and updates between 5 and 15 minutes, providing optimal and constant protection.

It has 6 layers of protection that overlap, working together to stop malware, being the intrusion prevention layer (IPS) that analyzes and blocks network information, reputation protection (Insight), which takes global network information to classify files based on their attributes.

Other layers are Proactive Exploit Protection (PEP) , in charge of protecting against applications or files that take advantage of vulnerabilities in the operating system, and Behavioral Protection (SONER), which uses artificial intelligence to block suspicious files or web pages.

Ending with those that give the antivirus the intelligent classification, the machine learning layer, responsible for reviewing and eliminating infiltrated files, and the Prover Eraser , whose main function is to get rid of risky files that cause irreversible damage to the software .

All layers protect the user, however, there are times when we will need to pass a rule, and this can be done through exceptions, which can be made through a firewall, the exception to parental control and through Smart Security, all of them totally safe way.

Exception through Firewall

The exception through the Firewall can be done by following the following steps: first, we open Norton Internet Security, and once it is running, we go to the “configuration” option , where we will proceed to click, once we are in configuration, we choose “personal firewall”

Thus, it will show on the screen the options that we can modify in our firewall, we click on “configure”, and then “program control”, which will allow us to choose the desired program, we click on “add”. If we want to add a website, we select it from a list that appears as previously visited.

Once we have selected, we click on “modify” and then “add all” and thus the antivirus allows access through the firewall, allowing us to access with total freedom and permission granted without an advertisement appearing that it is an insecure website or avoid running a program.

Parental Control Exception

We begin to run our antivirus and select the option of “Parental Control”, then we click on “Select Sites” and click on “Exceptions”, then add. This procedure will give us a dialog box where we will write the URL and then click OK.

Exception through Smart Security

This option is generally used in the business sector to prevent your employees from accessing recreational sites during the day, however, it is not exempt from exceptions according to needs. We start with the initial step of starting Norton, then we click on Settings and then Network.

In the left panel the Smart Firewall option will appear, where we will click on “configure”, once there, we click on ” Configure next to general rules ” to start our Add Rule wizard; the steps to follow are to click Allow, Next, Connect to other computers, Next.

This will take us to another option, which is ” Only the listed computers and sites “, we add and enter the IP address, again we click on accept, Next, TCP, “Only communications that match all types and ports listed to then ”, Add, Known ports from the list.

We must select “80” and “443”, click on accept, and then next, we create a registry entry to make a safety history, which will tell us each time any of our workers make use of this exception, click on next and then on ” Apply this rule “, put a name, and add


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