How to fix SAMP error 0x0040fb80 Exception At Address?

Error code 0x0040fb80 in SA-MP is accompanied by the message Exception At Address and prevents the connection to the server. It is characterized by a crash at the moment of synchronization with any server of the game, regardless of its location, even before the moment it is fully loaded. It seems that the matter is in some kind of malfunction of the operating system itself Windows 10, 8, 7 64-bit. While there are only a couple of fixes for this error, we have no doubts that they will work.

What the error message looks like:

Exception At Address: 0x0040FB80

What should be done:

  • Run in compatibility mode. The most effective way that almost always works. You just need to right-click on the exe-file of the game and select “Properties”. Then, on the Compatibility tab, check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode. It is worth trying the first version of “Windows 8” (for those who have Windows 10). For Windows 7 users, Windows 98 / Windows Me compatibility mode works predominantly. Having selected the required parameter, you should click on the “Apply” button and close the window.
  • Change folder name. On one of the forums, a user wrote that such a simple method worked for him. It is enough to find the directory where the SA-MP game client is located and add one letter or number to it. Then you should try to run SAMP and specify the path to the directory you just changed. It might work.
  • The last option is reinstallation. It makes sense to use it when others have not helped.

Now you know all the known ways to fix the Exception At Address: 0x0040FB80 error in GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. No matter how many conversations about this failure are held on the forums, it always comes down to these methods.

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