How to activate the hidden Android Auto hack to watch YouTube in the car

The latest version of the vehicle system created by Google includes a curious trick mode hidden Easter Egg or Easter egg neither more nor less than the legendary Rick Astley singing the ” Never Give You Up gong “. Also, this hidden trick allows you to play YouTube on your car screen .

Much of google apps hide a nod to its users in the form of what is known as Easter Egg or Easter egg : a little game, animation, video … that can only be revealed in a concrete way . Each version of Android has its own Easter Egg, for example. And recently it was discovered that even Android Auto hides a little secret. Who wants to “rickrollear”?

Rick Astley inside a YouTube viewer

Rick Astley hiding in Android Auto’s Easter Egg

Easter Eggs are usually hidden as a curiosity and with the simple motivation of not leaving there, of the curious. However, in Android Auto the hidden trick is also useful since it allows you to open a practical YouTube player . What do you want to watch videos in the car? You no longer need an application, Android Auto itself solves the problem.


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The Easter Egg was discovered by Reddit user gsbiz . To repeat his steps and open the Rick Astley video, it is essential that the latest version of Android Auto, number 7, is installed on the phone . In the case of not having it, just download the relevant APK from APK Mirror .

Once Android Auto is updated to version 7, let’s see how to display the YouTube viewer on the vehicle screen:

  • Open Android Auto on your mobile and scroll to the bottom.
  • Click ten times on the version number until the developer settings are activated .
  • Click on the three menu items and select “Developer settings”.
  • Go into “Application Mode” and select “Developer”.
  • Go back and go into “Customize apps menu”.
  • Make sure the “Car Apps” option is checked.
  • Now connect your mobile to your car, enter Android Auto from the vehicle screen and click on “Car Applications”.
  • Scroll down to ” UX Prototype” and press twice. Ready.

The car screen will open a YouTube viewer to play the legendary Rick Astley song. If you want to use this viewer to play any other video, click on the red YouTube icon and search for what you want : it will play in the car as if your Android Auto had the YouTube app.

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