macOS 12: Activate hidden display settings

At the moment, two months have passed since the introduction of new operating systems from Apple. During these two months, countless different tutorials appeared on our magazine, in which you could learn more about the news and other improvements that Apple has prepared for us. We pay attention to all the tweaks practically every day, which only underlines the fact that there is a lot of news available, even if it didn’t seem like it at first glance. Currently, all developers or registered beta testers can get preliminary access to iOS and iPadOS 15, macOS 12 Monterey, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15. In this tutorial, we’ll look at other enhancements from the macOS 12 Monterey.

macOS 12: Activate hidden display settings

Apple strives to ensure that its products and systems can be used by everyone, including individuals who suffer from a disability. The Accessibility section is available for these users in the settings of apple operating systems, in which there are various special functions. However, the truth is that some features from Accessibility are also used by classic users who do not suffer from any handicap – from time to time an article appears in our magazine in which we focus on useful functions from Accessibility. The Accessibility section in macOS 12 Monterey now includes additional display-related features. If you would like to try them, you can find them as follows:

  • First, you need to click theikonu icon in the top left of your macOS 12 Monterey Mac .
  • Then a pop-up menu will appear in which you can select System Preferences…
  • When you do so, a new window will appear with all the available sections for editing preferences.
  • Now in this window, locate and click on the box called
  • Then go down in the left menu, where then click on the Monitorsection .
  • Next, make sure that you are in the Monitortab in the top menu .
  • There are already two new functions Show windows title iconsand  Show toolbar button shapes , which you can activate.

Therefore, you can use the above method to activate hidden display settings in Accessibility on a Mac with macOS 12 Monterey. Some of you may be wondering what these functions actually do, or what they are for. This can be read from the English labels that will be cleaned, in any case, if you do not speak English, it can be a problem for you. If you activate Show windows title icons , the corresponding icons will be displayed in the Finder next to the folder names, which are located at the top of the window. If you activate the Show toolbar button shapes , the individual buttons will be delimited in the application toolbars, thanks to which it is possible to know their exact shape. This is not revolutionary, but some may like these new display options.

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