How to activate notifications on Instagram – From the mobile

One of the best innovations has undoubtedly been social networks. Since these appeared, without a doubt, life has been made a bit easier for us when it comes to communicating and expressing ourselves .

Thanks to Instagram we can laugh for a while thanks to the publications that the different users of this network upload, there are also many people who use it to make a product or business known and thus improve sales. That is why it is necessary to know how personalized notifications are activated on Instagram and here we will show you how to do it.

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  1. Steps to activate Instagram notifications from a cell phone
    1. on iPhone
    2. An Android
  2. How are Instagram notifications activated?
    1. From a specific account
    2. Of the publications
  3. What are the Instagram notification settings?
    1. block notifications
    2. Enable notifications
    3. Disable notifications



Steps to activate Instagram notifications from a cell phone

On each phone there is the possibility of enabling or disabling notifications , whether you silence them all or just decide to silence a few, you can do this on any phone regardless of whether it is iOS or Android.

There are always two ways to deactivate notifications from an application and it is from the phone settings and the other from the application that you want to silence, here we will show you the two ways to do it. When you turn on notifications you can know when a friend tags you on Instagram .

on iPhone


The only way that your phone does not show you the notifications of an application like Instagram is that they have been deactivated, if you want to activate them again you have to go to the ‘Settings’ application and look for the section called ‘Notifications’. There you will have to look for the name of Instagram among the list of applications and when you enter it you will press the switch to activate notifications.

An Android

In the case of Android phones, the process is almost the same, you have to enter the settings and there you will also go to ‘Notifications’. Then you will only find Instagram on the list and there you can activate notifications . In this way, the notifications will already be activated and you will start receiving them from this moment.

How are Instagram notifications activated?

Within the Instagram application you will also be able to choose which notifications you can receive, either from a specific account or the publications of someone you choose in this case. Here we are going to show you how to activate this type of personalized notifications . Turning on these notifications is as easy as using the photo booth filter on Instagram .

From a specific account

In order for you to activate notifications for an account that you follow closely on Instagram so as not to miss any story or publication, you will have to follow these steps.


You have to go into the Instagram app on your phone. There you will look for the account from which you want to receive notifications. Now you will look for a ‘Bell’ icon on the screen and press it. After you do it, you can choose the notifications you will receive depending on what this person uploads, so you can know when someone makes IGTV videos .

Of the publications

To activate the notifications of the publications in Instagram you will have to enter the settings of the application, these are found in your profile in the upper right corner. There in the settings you will click on ‘Settings’ and then you will click on ‘Notifications’. Now you will have to click on ‘Activate notifications’ and there it will give you several options and you will press the ‘Notifications of publications’ in this way they will already be activated.

What are the Instagram notification settings?

In the Instagram settings there are several options so that you can customize the notifications to your liking and in this way you can be aware of the most important publications and stories for you. We are going to explain what the three notification settings that Instagram has consist of.

block notifications

Among these settings, one of the ones that stands out the most is that of ‘Block notifications’, this is one of the ones that stands out the most since in all social networks there is always someone who is somewhat annoying from whom we receive notifications at all times. This setting allows us to block notifications from this individual without the need to block them from our account.


Enable notifications

This option serves two specific things. The first is to activate notifications after we have deactivated them , the second function is to choose the notifications that you can receive. There you will select if you will receive notifications of the stories that those you follow upload or when one of them uploads a new publication.

Disable notifications

This option is also very complete, since here you can deactivate all notifications , both for direct messages and for publications and stories received in the application.


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