How to activate Google RCS messages on any Android?

RCS Messages (Rich Communication Service) is a service that has not yet been implemented in all countries ; It was designed with the intention of displacing the classic text messages that we know from telephone operator services such as SMS (Short Message Service) and thus try to compete with messaging apps like WhatsApp. Learn in this post how to activate Google’s RCS messages on your Andoid.

What advantages could Google’s RCS messages offer us?

Although we already enjoy excellent messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, the Google company is also willing to offer a new alternative with the RCS messages of its Google Messages application, launched almost at the end of 2019; which, like other chats, includes read receipts, response indicators or sharing multimedia files.

What do I need to be able to use these messages on my Android?

Despite the fact that the RCS protocol is not available worldwide (United Kingdom, France and Colombia, in Spain it is supported by Vodafone and Orange); It is possible to use the service between your contacts with the Google Messages app, as long as you have a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi signal to use the chat functions offered by said application.

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This happens because RCS messages can be used between people (P2P) or also between companies and people (A2P); however, you must have the application updated and if you do not have it, you must download, install and configure it as your default message application.

The application is downloaded from the Google Play page at the following address: and then proceed with its installation, then You will have to do the following steps to make it your default application.

You look among the icons and press the “Settings” button and then go to the option “Applications and notifications> Advanced> Default applications> SMS application”; You will immediately see a screen where you can select the Google Messages application to be the default messaging application for your Android mobile.

How to activate RCS messages?

Now that you have the Google Messages application, you only have to activate the service through a configuration that we will explain later; However, it is important to clarify first that your contacts will also have to do the same , so that everyone can connect and make use of the chats.

Configuration is done by opening the application; pressing an icon in the shape of 3 vertical dots, which is located in the upper right corner. We will immediately see an options screen and select “Configuration> Chat functions> Enable chat functions” , in order to activate RCS messaging.

new bar will be displayed showing the connection status on the “Configuration” screen and in orange; During the verification process and when the check is finished we will see that it says “Connected” in green; That will be the signal that tells us that everything is ready to start with our chat.

If the mentioned bar does not change from the initial orange color, then you will have to download and install both the beta version of Google Messages as well as an application called Activity Laucher; The respective download addresses for both applications are as follows:


Then you open the Activity Launcher and click on “Recent activities” and click on “All activities”, with this you will see all your Apps and touch the Google Messages to display a list of options; Click on the heading “Set RCS Flags” (below it should read the following: “” ).

In the option “ACS Url” you put “” and press the “Apply” button. Now open the Google Messages application and follow the instructions indicated by the window to update it; If the service still doesn’t work, delete the data that appears in the “’Carrier Services” section and force the application to close.

Finally, reconfigure the Activity Launcher; but this time in the option “OTP Pattern” you are going to put “Your \ sMessenger \ sverification \ scode \ sis \ sG – (\ d {6})” ; After this, you will be able to chat with your contacts for free, just as you would in other applications of the same type and enjoying a new alternative in messaging.

If you don’t see these applications on Google Play we suggest you review this article to find the solution to that problem.


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