How to activate and deactivate Amena Premium SMS?

Technological advances are innovative every day and with them telecommunications companies and industries have grown worldwide, allowing us good quality telephone and internet services and powerful operation in every way.

It should be noted that Orange is one of the highest ranking telephone networks, and it is a question that we always ask ourselves, how to speed up my internet? , and therefore accelerate the speed of Google Chrome , or another browser, Orange allows us that and much more , being a company with multinational alliances that operates in Spain and has undoubtedly been favorable for its users.

Since its inception, it has managed to reach many people and was launched as a commercial brand, which today has reached a much higher level, and this is confirmed by its employers, who enjoy its unique and of course highly effective and accessible services. for many who wish to use it, thus having Orange, a brand that works hand in hand with his company called Amena.

So if we want to enjoy services in absolute quality , this is our best ally, receiving thousands and thousands of users every day in Spain, offering various tools including broadband internet, which is a great development.

What is a Premium SMS and what services does it contain?

Of course, before using any telecommunication network, we must know what account and know exactly what it is about, these Premium SMS are basically special contents so to speak, which include music, games to our liking, various ringtones , and even contests at some point.

Likewise, there are services that accompany these SMS, for example, there are “messages that we request” that is, “request” messages, this is about sending a message to the number that is on duty as long as the company has indicated it, and therefore the same company will respond with the content that we have requested.

We also have the ” subscription messages ”, first we must subscribe to the company , and from there we will receive periodic messages with the content we want at the moment, this company offers great benefits, but in the same way apply rates on each answered message , considering that they are accessible in such a way that it allows us to continue pleasantly enjoying the service itself.

How can I activate and deactivate Amena Premium SMS?

It is a very frequent question among employers and fans of Orange and of course Amena, and it is that the configuration is extremely simple and we can quickly obtain what we are looking for.

First of all, we must know that this has to do with the subscription that we have made when starting with the use of the service, therefore to activate it, we only have to send a message from our mobile phone indicating the word ” ALTA ” to the number of any service where we want to be subscribed, then automatically the tool will start sending content continuously.

There is also the online form, entering the service page, there they will ask us to enter a telephone number, then we will receive a confirmation code, to indicate that we want to subscribe to the company.

And to deactivate them, we only send a message indicating the word ” LOW ” obviously to the number that we have already made the subscription, by doing this we can cancel the Orange service , and voila, the settings we want can be done through Orange’s direct page for ease in the process.

Main features of Amena

It has been considered as a company committed to well-being in all senses, being able to create an email account in Orange easily, therefore it has in its functions accessible rates for the public in terms of calls and the unlimited use of the band internet service fixed width.

In the same way, they are careful when using data , they do not demand payments for excessive use of data, that is, what we use is what we are going to cancel later, this is one of the greatest advantages that this special tool has.

It also spreads unparalleled speed, and has been a total privilege for the Spanish public at the time of its daily use.


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