How Switcho works

Switcho is an Italian start-up of expense management that helps to optimize the costs of gas and electricity supply: this is how it works.

In a period in which we talk and worry a lot about expensive bills and rising energy prices, many Italian consumers are wondering what to expect in the coming months and are wondering with a bit of fear whether to prepare for a sting. . The argument is particularly felt, therefore, but there are technological tools capable of optimizing expenses, helping the consumer to save on supplies. One of these is Switcho , an all-Italian start-up born in 2019 with the aim of giving users the opportunity to save, when possible, when it comes to paying for electricity and gas bills .

What is Switcho

Switcho, as mentioned, is a 100% digital free expense management platform born in 2019. The app, which can also be used on computers and tablets, searches for and selects the best offers on the energy supply market based on the user’s current situation. , comparing the various rates and allowing you to ” switch ” to the highest bidder in the event that there is a cheaper offer.

Switcho’s algorithm analyzes users, verifies if the cheapest offer exists by examining in particular the data relating to the cost of raw materials (uce and gas), and helps the user to find the best rate. With the premise that, if the artificial intelligence does not find a cheaper offer , it does not suggest any change. If instead it is identified, Switcho helps to make the change directly from the app, without resorting to call centers and parallel sites. A service that remains free because, the company explains, Switcho earns from commissions for each contract activated on behalf of one of the partner suppliers, selected on the basis of reliability and customer service criteria with high standards.

According to the company’s estimates, the use of Switcho would allow users to save an average of 298 euros per year on utilities, equal to about 25% of the expense, and would already contribute to accumulating, among all customers – a total of 2 million euros of savings in the first 16 months of activity.

How Switcho works

The calculation model on which Switcho is based takes as reference the data present in the bill , in particular those relating to the cost of energy (or gas), consumption and the dates of the reference period. For each request, it then carries out a personalized analysis of the data to arrive at an estimate of the savings that can be obtained with the new offers.

Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone , therefore, you need to register and then follow a series of steps:

  • the user enters some data regarding his telephone number, such as the address, the supplier and the current rate;
  • Switcho presents the best offers on the market, making a “matching” of the user address with the best technologies and offers on the market at that address;
  • the user enters the latest information and examines the contractual documentation;
  • once everything has been accepted and the process is completed, Switcho will take care of activating the contract with the new supplier, who will send the contract package and agree on the last steps with the user (in particular in case of need for a technician’s intervention to assemble the router / new fiber network).

Switcho ensures that, as per provision 302-16 of the authority (ARERA), there will be no service interruption, no penalty or hidden cost to be paid, even if you had a fixed price contract. Stwitcho can be used free of charge from smartphones, tablets and computers, after entering data that can be retrieved directly from the last bills received. To carry out and confirm the change of supply it is also necessary to provide the credentials , working with the “Customer Happiness” team in support.

Switcho’s founders – Marco Tricarico, CEO, Francesco Laffi, Cto, and Redi Vyshka, Con, have already announced their intention to soon expand the platform to other paid services including insurance, mortgages, Pay TV and streaming services. such as Netflix or Spotify , and explained why the service is effective, listing the main points: the analyzes are based on real data, making a personalized savings estimate, only the digital channel is used, with the conditions of the offers always visible and no phone calls, and Switcho always takes care of part of the bureaucracy, with the user being able to monitor the data via the dashboard. Furthermore, the data collected is not sold to third parties.


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