How many missions does GTA 5

How many missions does GTA 5 have in Campaign and Online? If you have returned to Grand Theft Auto because of Marbella Vice, we will tell you how long it will take to complete the game.

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Grand Theft Auto V is the most successful game in the historical video game catalog. If the Marbella Vice bug has opened you up and you want to start playing, we’ll tell you how many missions GTA 5 has in Campaign and Online .

GTA 5: Success Made Video Game

After telling you all about the Best GTA V mods with download links and waking up the desire to play in the company of Ibai Llanos with our text Who is Amara Otaku in the Ibai Marbella Vice series? Today we have to talk about missions and duration.

After more than 8 years of its launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 and after going through PC and the most modern versions of Playstation and Xbox, GTA V continues to raise huge amounts of fame and money thanks to the approach of its online mode. An ever-growing online mode that continues to include new areas, stages, missions, vehicles and much more.

How many missions does GTA 5 have in Campaign and Online?

In online mode the number of missions in GTA V is uncountable. On the one hand, it is constantly growing adding new missions, hits, stories and possibilities. On the other, you can continue playing creating your own missions and jobs, alone or in company, which makes it impossible to give an exact number and makes it an infinite game.

In its campaign mode, leaving aside the sub stories, secondary missions and jobs, GTA V has a whopping 69 missions divided between its three characters, either individually, paired or jointly.

This does not mean that it is not as endless as its online mode. The different jobs and activities, together with the possibility of continuing to play in the bag and role-playing in your game, mean that you can continue playing the campaign for hundreds of hours


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