How is Cimetidine taken?

The Cimetidine is used in all those cases where it is indicated a decrease in gastric acid secretion (gastric or duodenal ulcer, esophagitis, gastritis and duodenitis).

How is Cimetidine taken?

It is mostly administered orally , but if necessary it can be taken by injection , under strict medical supervision .

Side effects and warnings on the use of Cimetidine

It is generally well tolerated.

However, some disturbances may arise; the most common are: headache , dizziness , mental confusion and feeling sleepy.The ailments that can arise more rarely are discharges of diarrhea , urticaria , decrease in sexual desire , breast enlargement (gynecomastia) , impotence (in the rarest cases).

During therapy it is advisable not to smoke, given that smoking reduces the effectiveness of this medicine. It is advisable to pay due attention to any reduction in the readiness of the reflexes that could be caused by the intake of this active ingredient.Particular care must be given to patients with liver and / or kidney dysfunction .

Since the drug is able to penetrate the placental filter and accumulate in breast milk – even in the absence of studies on pregnant and lactating women – it is not advisable to use this substance in these two periods of the woman’s life.

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