How to find photos taken with a lost camera

In the same way, you can find pictures taken with a used device.If you have lost your camera (or even been the victim of theft), there is little you can do. Unlike a smartphone, photographic equipment cannot be remotely blocked or tracked on a map. You can only restore your route in the hope that the device still lies where it was left.

However, there is another chance, if not to regain the camera, then at least learn its fate. The Stolencamerafinder website allows you to search the Internet for photographs taken with your device. To do this, you need to upload to the site the photo that you took with this camera. The service will extract the serial number of the device from the EXIF ​​data and try to find matches in the metadata of images uploaded to the Internet.

If there is a match, and this photo was not taken by you, you will have a chance to contact the person who posted it. Stolencamerafinder has a whole section dedicated to stories of when lost hardware actually returned to its original owner thanks to this site.

Unfortunately, the possibilities of the service are not endless. Some sites (including Facebook) do not store EXIF ​​data for photos, making it impossible to track such images. In addition, the list of compatible models is limited. However, even if the device is not on the list, it’s worth checking: although support for the Canon EOS M6 is not declared, the system still recognized it, since this model indicates the serial number in the EXIF ​​data.

If no matches are found, you can manually check the site from time to time or enable email notifications – but this requires a Pro subscription (which costs $ 8 per month).

Let’s be honest: the chances of getting your camera back are unlikely, even if you can contact whoever found or stole it. But in this case, you at least admit that you did your best, and you can move on.

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